Holy shit

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by tempoman, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. You guys still post here
  2. No we don't.
  3. Holy shit, indeed.

    Are you still a Paramedic?
  4. Pretty much true tbh
  5. can you give me a sponge bath
  6. sit on your scanner
  7. what was that one, like, -40 karma?
  9. I'm in fact xDRAN0x's kid
  11. Ok? He makes this thread and he disappears??!!
  12. This thread was not surprise. It was disdain.
  13. I thought he had you aborted?
  14. He did. This is where aborted children come.
  15. in fact we're all orphans
    this is the saddest place on earth
  17. I remember you.
  18. welcome back. I remember you as a good friend of wheelman back on V2
  19. everyone here is a good friend of wheelman.
  20. V2? Looks like this place must be on v100. So new and fresh lol
  21. whoa creep
  23. shut the #$%# paul and post your true feelings
  24. move on and beat it #$%#tard

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