Honda 2000 vs Holden monaro

Discussion in '1999 Honda Spocket Concept' started by Dodge Vipers Kicka all cars, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I think that the honda would kill the holden becuase holden are a pice of crap that just fall apart when you get over 120km and the honda wouldn't
  2. Re: Honda 2000 vs Holden monaro

    u must be a newbe here...... viper kicking ass? d really like to see that take a look at top speed and o lookit whos first a corvette...... wheres viper???<!-- Signature -->
  3. What? This thread SUCKS.
  4. why am i here....
  5. Um, what's the point in comparing these 2? They are both completely different.
  6. just what i was thinking...
  7. Let me summarize this thread: a lowly, nothing-knowing, Jap machine obsessed idiot mofo thinking he knows something about cars is making a comparison between two cars of a completely different market and class to pretend he knows how two different namesakes can compete against each other, where the convertible piece of scrap metal with no torque wins. Typical, you know how guys are. They watch "The Fast and the Furious" and its sequel and somehow they know all about cars. Next, we'll see a thread between the Supra and the M5.

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