Honda Accord Euro

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by Ferrarista01, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. I like teh Euro, but I'd rather the 3L Liberty. This is cheaper though innit?
  2. depends if u have sub woofa

    they are about 57k on road, the Euro is much cheaper
  3. i'd go for 'Euro' if it wee available
  4. the kit looks clean, i would recomend getting it if you plan n keeping the car, if your leasing the car, then forget the extra money.
  5. not avaliable
  6. Dude, I would get it in a heartbeat.
  7. the kit or the car?

    Signed the papers for the car today, all approved should pick up it end of the month!
  8. Both! Too bad in Canada we get the nice (but over-priced) TSX model. Beautiful car man! Especially with getting it in Black, perfect color.
  9. thanks dude

    i'll post pics when i get it, really excited as u can imagine!
  10. I bet, I would be too. I know next year if I dont buy myself a nice VW, I'm going to look at getting an Black Audi A4. I get excited just thinking about it, I can just imagine how you are right now!
  11. Acura TL is better
  12. we dont get that here.

    When u see a Euro lowered, on 18's and a kit you'll think otherwise. I was going to get a Liberty, then i seen a Euro at a autoshow and done up and honestly (not just my opinion) it was the sexiest car there, looks perfect just gotta play with it though and dont u worry i will, why? because its all a tax rightoff! whatever i spend on it, 80% comes of my taxable income!
  13. Where does everyone keep getting those M5 rims anyways? Off crashed M5's? Or ordered through a dealership? Or are M5 owners swapping off their rims? I dunno why anyone would change those rims, they are beautiful!
  14. Replicas dude
  15. Ah I see, thanks

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