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    Stop having a #$%#n cry. WHo cares if that guys an idiot, let him be one.

    By the way who the #$%#are you??
    Password please on another account??

    Some of us would rather prevent the kind of post that instigates hatred for those of us who have a legitimate interest in racing with Japanese imports.

    Yes, that was me, for a little while my username was not working after they made changes to the log-in process (what I didn't realize was that my username had changed from "Password Please" to "Password please"), so I signed in with a different username.
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    Bullshit. Tune a small engine, tune a big engine, which one is more powerful? Shut up.

    I'd rather have a super-tweaked 427TT than any little high-strung 4-banger any day.
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    He said: Once you tune a CAR, displacement means shit, the winner is the one that did the best job with his CAR.

    Note emphasis on "CAR". The smaller engine may not have as much power, but all-too-often the car with the smaller engine will still be faster. For example, a WRC spec Group-A Subaru Impreza can reach 100km/h in 2.8 seconds on dirt, that with a 2.0 litre Opposed-4 engine that's producing 300hp, and roughly 320lbft torque, the reasons being: Gearing, drivetrain, and weight. It has little displacement, but is faster than many "super-tweaked" large displacement cars because it is a very well designed car, which is exactly what he said, they did a damn good job with tuning that car.

    Another example is the Veilside Lancer Evolution VI, with 400hp and 380lbft torque, it has a 2.0 litre I4 engine, and reaches 100km/h in 3.6 seconds, again, they did a better job of tuning the car than (for example) Saleen did with even their top Mustang model.

    Or, you could look at the 3.2 litre F1 cars in use today, few hard tuned high displacement cars compare to them, and it's because they're so well engineered.

    We could also have a look at the EF chassis Civic, for just $4,000 in well thought-out mods, you can achieve 1/4 times as low as 12.5 seconds with just 150hp and 132lbft, name one Mustang GT owner who has done THAT with a 14 year old Mustang, or even a new Mustang GT for that matter.

    There are many examples out there, and while it's most certainly true that with the same amount of mods, a bigger displacement engine will, for the most part, be more powerful, nobody's disputing that. However, the faster car will always be the one that's the best tuned, quite often it will be the car with less displacement, and there's no denying that......unless of course, you're an ignorant and blind fool who's been shut in his basement for the past 20 years, without any contact with the outside world.

    i like imports too but youre a #$%#ing loser

    Please don't say that, you're a discrace to import fans.

    BTW - I ask again, WTF is your problem??? Not once have I done anything to you to make you be such a prick, so WTF is your problem?

    Or are you just one of those losers who gets picked on every day in school, and feel the need to vent on others online because you can't hack it in a real-life situation.

    Again, you're cluttering up our forums, smarten up or you'll be banned again, enough times and they'll ban your IP address.

    I get picked on at school? thats a laugh. nobody #$%#s with anybody who carries a nine. You'd probably die if you went to my school cause people who #$%# around get shot everyday here.

    ps. im a 16 year old with an escalade (not my parent's car) what do you think i do?

    Give blow jobs to rich white guys.

    Provided you aren't lying, and considering everything else you've said was complete and utter B.S. I don't think it's very unlikely.

    Yeah, I used to talk tough like that when I was sixteen....turned out I was just a stupid 16 yr. old male.
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    Dude, we're trying to get rid of this guy again (he's been banned twice), normally you wouldn't see this kind of B.S. around here.

    I have a 635csi bmw that is imported from Germany, and I was driving around with my ex gf and a honda comes up to me at a light, just being a moron, I heard a blow off valve, so I was like might as well see. I ended up killing him and my ex rolled down her window and laughed at him. It was rude, yes. But now every time i see a honda that isnt a s2000 I laugh. Civics with mods are a joke.

    Civics with good mods are fast, an EF chassis Civic Dx with a JDM 1.6 and just 153 hp and 132 lbft, a few drivetrain mods, and weight reduced to 900kg can run the 1/4 in 12.5, that's pretty damn fast.

    Now, there are few older production BMW's that reach 100km/h in 8.2 seconds, ever since 1988, the Civic Si has always done it that fast or faster, so it would be unwise to laugh at a car that is faster than yours stock.

    Anyway, the good thing about Civics isn't their acceleration (while it is pretty damn good for a passenger car, it's certainly not fast), it's their acceleration combined with the rest of the overall design.

    Why do you say Civics with "good" mods are fast? Any car with "good" mods is fast. Any car with a new motor, a few drivetrain mods, and weight reduction is fast. what a pointless post.

    I don't think that good acceleration is what people have in mind when they buy a civic either. Most likely a car that gets from A to B that is a good value. Then again, with the civic's average performance in every category, why are you touting it as the king of all sport compacts? Why not a mazda protoge or toyota corolla or nissan sentra, or a mitsubishi lancer or even (heavens!) a ford focus, they are pretty much the same. They all have FWD, about a 2 litre 4 cylender, fairly light, cost about the same....

    So do you just push the civic/all hondas as the best simply because you have one and you like it? That is the impression I get from you. So please, state some hard evidence about why Hondas and/or the Civic is so much better than the equal competitors I stated above

    I can't believe you are writing about "racing" and "beating" those cars. Did you ever think that maybe the other drivers are not as crazy as you to race down a snowy road? Or up/down a winding unpaved ski hill path? Maybe you should be racing 4X4s instead.

    I have an Integra kill story:
    My family and me went skiing in Seven Springs Resort in PA. We were coming back from skiing driving a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 with a ski rack and 2 snowboards and 2 pairs of skis on top, me, my sister, my dad, and mom inside. I was driving on some road before the PA turnpike on ramp. I pull up to a stoplight and there is some wrist driving wanker with a backwards baseball cap and his girlfriend in a red Acura Integra with a spoiler (of course) and some different taillights and the ubiquitous huge muffler. Sounded loud as hell. He was revving his engine and rocking back and forth maybe to show he had a manual but I don't know. The light turns green, and I just accelerate normally but the Acura takes off, or tries to take off, like Hugh Hefner having sex, revs really high, makes a big noise, but it isn't really going anywhere fast. So about 1 second later I was just sick of that crap so I step on it and catch up to the Acura, which was about 2 car lengths ahead, and pass him. He notices me pulling past him fast so he doesn't shift but he still couldn't keep up. I was eventually going 60 mph on the 2 lane commercially sparse area and my mom starts yelling at me (she is a schizophrenic so she is wierd and isn't worth arguing with) because she thinks I am going to get a ticket. So I slow down and the Integra passes me about 3 seconds later. It must have been so embarrassing for him to be humiliated in front of his girlfriend by some guy, not even in a sports car, not even in a car, giving him a head start, and hauling the family around with skis on the roof. Integras are truly the Buick of sports cars.

    (modern Buicks, not like the GNX and 60s-70s muscle Buicks...just so no one gets pissed)

  18. well, i'll tell you what:
    if you ever wanna race, you can wait till you hit 6000 rpm, and then you'll be in your powerband. i'll be in the mustang ahead of you, and i'll be in my powerband as soon as i step on the throttle.


  19. Well, I don't race straightline when I know I'll lose. But this is what would likely happen if we were to race on the type of roads I have often raced on (I have yet to lose in an illegal race....though I now only race legally in TSD events...and I have lost in those, but then they focus more on co-driver mathematical skill and driving accuracy than driving skill).

    Rather than starting at a low rpm, I'd just pop the clutch at 3000rpm to keep the wheels from spinning before I hit 4000rpm(where the powerband begins in most Civics), and edge ahead of you as you spin the hell out of your tires, I'd let you pass shortly after when we're both running around 90km/h, I'd ride your ass for a little longer, and pass you in the first turn, from therein I'd gain distance steadily until (provided there are no other long straight stretches) I vanish from sight, you wouldn't see me again until you pass me as I'm sitting at the side of the road, waiting at the finish line. You'd continue on because you're too embarrassed to stop since you lost to a "WWD torqueless 4 cylinder piece of crap". Me and my buddies would have a laugh, then head down to the local Pub, maybe go for a hike, or get all our gear together to go for a back country snowboard before it gets dark.

    Now, if you want to make this happen, you're going to have to give me a bit of notice, as I'd have to acquire another EF chassis Civic Si, mine got destroyed last spring (rolled 5 times down a 50m cliff with a 90% slope, rolled halfway up 2 15cm dbh douglas firs before they snapped and dropped the car down to roll once more to land on the wheels, car was a write off, I walked out with a few cuts on my left hand, and a bruise below my right knee, other than that I was perfectly fine), so unless you want to race with me driving a 1991 Isuzu Impulse RS (2 tenths of a second faster than the Mustang GT of the same year in both 1-100 km/h and 1/4, AWD, Intercooled and turbocharged, Chasis and Suspension designed by Lotus, not a phenomenal performer but pretty impressive, considering...not to mention uncommon), you should probably let me know ahead of time, you won't stand a chance with me driving the Impulse....unless your Mustang has exceptionally well thought out modifications performed to it (which is unlikely as few Mustang owners ever do), but then a well modified Mustang against a stock import....well, doesn't quite seem fair, but I'd give you a run for your money anyway. Tell ya what, reduce the weight as much as you can and you won't hear much complaint from me, might give me a bit of a challenge.

    No, to make a Honda go reasonably fast, you must first have a standard, and second have skill in driving one fast. But I would blow you away in anything other than straightline.
  20. (just for future notice: i own a honda---1994 integra ls. they can perform decent...but decent is about it)
    but as i have said before, to other people who think that their gutted eg hatch is all that: there is something called oversteer--hondas can only handle so well. 87-93 rustangs with a steeda suspension package will waste your pretty little civic---straight line or in the twisties. AND i'll be able to drive home with the A/C on.
    although most rustang owners only care about straight line performance, some of us out there actually do like running through turns...

  21. Actually, they can perform pretty damn good when you know how to drive them.

    Yes, you're right, they're not all that, but they are damn good little cars, since destroying my EF chassis Civic, I've test driven many vehicles I was thinking of buying: Merkur XR4TI, FC RX-7 (way too heavy, though I've heard the 1st gen RX-7's are light and have a lot of potential), Isuzu Impulse RS, 1978 Firehawk, 1992 Mustang GT ("rally" suspension, though I don't think it was actually for rallying, just more for looks), a slew of BMW's, an automatic (ugh) Prelude Si, several Volvos....and a few others I can't remember, the two I liked the most were the Lincoln (Merkur XR4TI), and the Impulse RS, they were the fastest and best handling (most nimble, most responsive, most neutral, and best roadholding ability, could get the rear out if you wanted to though). Ended up getting the Impulse RS - AWD, Turbocharged, Intercooled, handling dynamics designed by Lotus, etc. So in theory it was the best suited for my rally purposes (now has a Brantz 3 Laser ODO wired in), but I mainly got it to restore it, as there are only 300, debating whether to restore it to factory condition, or as the Group-A rally edition. Anyway, even though it is more than half a second faster than the Civic in 0-100km/h (2 1/10ths faster than the Mustang GT of the same year), and much quicker in the upper end, I still find myself missing the Civic every day, it was a car that you could push to its potential so easily, and even beyond, I beat a hell of a lot of cars that should have been faster in that Si.

    Well now, I dunno what Honda's you've driven, but from my experience (and I've driven quite a few models spanning many model years), they get understeer at the entrance of a turn, which is easily corrected by weight transfer and braking hard at the right moment. The ONLY time they get oversteer is when you're too slow in countersteering, in which case you probably shouldn't be racing to begin with.

    Well now, considering the 87-93 Mustang is only .3 seconds faster in reaching 100km/h (and with my rally Odo I achieved the listed 0-100 time for the EF Civic Si of 8.2 seconds on 3 separate occasions), and only .6 seconds faster in the 1/4, I honestly don't believe it would have enough of an acceleration advantage to pull on the corners....and, well, it's a long story so I'm not going to get into it, but I will say that I have raced a number of Mustang owners who said the same thing (though were a little more critical of Honda's than you), granted none had any serious suspension mods, but I would think the 2002 Mustang GT handles better than any early 90's Mustang with a Steeda suspension, and, well, I raced one on the Mt. Norquay road in Banff, a road which I had never driven on before that day. There's no doubt that I was sorely outpowered, but I made up for it, and while it was close for a while, I ended up annhilating him by 30 seconds in the end (seems the downhill made up for my power disadvantage, and seems he was a pussy going downhill in his Mustang).

    Anyway, when it comes to a twisty mountain road, you have to be a pretty good driver and have a pretty nimble car to beat me in a Civic Si, I think it's in part because I know the car so well though. I really don't want to toot my own horn or anything, but I think that's exactly what the case would be, I'm trying to be as objective as possible.

    In the end it's weight (and said distribution) and Chassis design and suspension that would be the deciding factors between which handles better, and I think the Civic has the advantage in all but suspension (though suspension dimensions on the EF Chassis Civic could allow for a pretty kickass suspension setup).

    A/C? ugh, I couldn't stand AC, so I removed it and sold it for $120 on E-bay, trying to figure out how to remove it from the Impulse now, I don't care if windows down consumes more fuel, I refuse to use A/C (I've found the ONLY positive to AC is city gridlock in summer, fortunately I don't live in the City), so it's of little consequence to me.

    Well, all in all, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have too much difficulty beating a 1993 Mustang with Steeda suspension on the local roads I USED TO race on, if I were to still have my Civic Si, or get another one. But then, who knows, maybe the Steeda suspension setup you speak of has mystical powers that give it supernatural handling, who knows, maybe it's the best handling Auto-Xer in the world.......LMFAO...I'm not laughing at you, laughing with you.
  22. i don't know...perhaps i'm so used to seeing gutted civics around where i live, thinking they are all that, and yet have stock suspension (stupid RB's). maybe i'm finally coming around, i don't know: i've never seen a civic built for auto-x actually race, i've just seen numbers, so it's very possible you are right.

    personally, though, i prefer a fistful of low end torque over revving to 6800 rpm.(although i do love the sound of my little b18 under the hood at WOT, around 6k hehehe)

    just curious, where do you live? i live in Ohio, in the US, and there are hills everywhere...we have quite a few hairpins less than 5 minutes from my house- that's how i learned how to REALLY drive.
  23. that near Oregon? If so, there are a lot of rally-X events that take place in Oregon and up into B.C. that you could check out, there are a number of Civic drivers that compete in those and do fairly well. I haven't seen a lot of auto-X, but I've seen a few videos involving Civics, the best I've seen in auto-X was a MR Renault Clio, it was awesome.

    Well, everybody has their own preference. I'm not going to bag on you for preference of low-end torque. The only thing I personally like about that is how comfortable it is to drive when going slow city speeds. It's kind of fun to step on it at a low rpm and let the rear-end step out, but not nearly as fun as flying into an open snowy parkinglot at 130km/h, pulling the handbrake and dancing the car the way you want it to.

    I live In the Kootenays, B.C., I've been driving on local forest service access roads since I was 9.


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