Honda Civic Mugen RR

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  1. I'm not talking about as far as their economy cars go. I have to admit they make a mean commuter car! However their "performance" cars are laughable compared to the competition save the NSX and S2000, and even the S2000 is overpriced as shit for what you get now. When it came out it was pretty competitive, but no longer. Their Integras and blah blah blah have always been slower, less powerful, and more expensive than the competition. They try to sell shit for WRX/Evo money when the WRX/Evo eats them alive. I'm not terribly into overpaying for a badge, ESPECIALLY when it's overpaying for a car company with a rep for making economy cars not performance cars.
  2. how does this take front-drives to a new level if the Mazdaspeed 3 is more powerful and cheaper??
  3. So, two of three Honda performance cars are ok but Honda is shit because the third is a little ambitiously priced (even though it is more refined than the Evo/WRX, which is the point, really).

    Also, get your prices straight:

    Honda Civic Si Sedan: $21,310
    Subaru WRX Sedan: $24,350
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X: $33,665

    So, the Honda isn't selling shit for Evo/WRX money.
  4. hahaha
  5. not the first 4banger with dual exhaust
  6. Hilarious thread.
  7. So in summary, Honda's cars are shit, except for their really good ones?
  8. Would love to try one out on a track.

    That Bedford time is best FWD time posted (the current list is short as the track was changed not long ago), it is also faster than WRX STi and same as EVO X STT. I wouldn't even compare this against those myself, but instead against tuned Coopers and Clios.
    As for looks, I liked the JDM Civic Type-R better.
  9. it's comments like these that make me want to stab you to death and all the people above me that probably agree with you
  11. How does this take front-drives to a new level? Megane R26R and Ford Focus RS will rape her very very hard.
  12. Around where I live your lucky to see an SI, which I have(91 CRX), but I've seen one import type R, but I don't know if it was any more legal than my car.
  13. I wouldn't be so sure of that.
  14. Yes. LOL.

    Excluding this overpriced limited edition car, why don't we look at Type R Civic pricing... Because it still gets its ass handed to it, and costs more than the SI. In markets where they're all available the Type R costs what a WRX costs, and I imagine the new Ralliart Lancer won't be much more. You're getting yourself caught up in the US market where Honda doesn't even bother to sell the R. When they sold the Integra Type R here it cost what more powerful/quicker cars cost, but at least handled the same or better.

    I guess what it really comes down to though is I hate FWD cars, especially ricey Hondas. So whatever. Give me an Evo or WRX any day over some FWD, gutless Honda.
  15. Yup. NSX was badass.
  16. You're such a dumbass.
  17. Because I prefer a faster AWD turbo car that costs the same to a FWD Honda? How do you figure? I like powerful cars, and I like AWD cars. I just don't see why anyone would want to buy a slower FWD car over a WRX or Lancer. You do. So there we are.
  18. One of the reasons of being more expensive than the evo or wrx is because it's a limited edition of 300. While selling a used evo or wrx you're loosing money, the second hand price of this car is higher than what people paid for it. So economically it's a better deal than the evo or wrx.
  19. It's not that you have the opinion you do, it's that you back it up in such shitty ways.
  20. I was hoping for a rear-engined rear wheel drive hondud. that would've been cool
  21. By saying that the Honda competitor is more expensive, which is yet another reason I don't like the Honda? Like I said even excluding this limited edition Mugen vehicle the regular Type R is priced comparably to the WRX and Ralliart, not to mention the MS3 and numerous other vehicles available in various markets.
  22. I was under the impression that the Americans didn't get the type-r.
  23. Typical Car Salesman ™
  24. "Like I said even excluding this limited edition Mugen vehicle the regular Type R is priced comparably to the WRX and Ralliart, not to mention the MS3 and numerous other vehicles available in various markets."

    Just checked our market, from an official price list, basic WRX is 40% pricier than a basic Civic Type-R...Mazda3 MPS is closer to Type-R, being only about 15% pricier.
    The Subaru 2.0R is same price with Type-R, but on actual give or take roads Id say even the 2.0R would stay with the fwd Honda. Not on track of course.

    But I do agree on Honda having some serious overpricing issues in past, the S2000 for example cost twice the Type R, while really not being twice as awesome...

    A dude who arranges the track days I have visited with my bike has a pre-hatchback 2.5 WRX, I need to interview him on how it has been like to own.
  25. Opinion is sold as fact => FAIL

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