Honda confirms 'new NSX'

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    Honda has begun work on a new sportscar in the mould of the iconic Honda NSX, president and CEO Takanobu Ito has sensationally revealed on the eve of the Frankfurt motor show.

    However, the ‘new NSX’ will be radically different from its predecessor, with Ito stating that the goal will be to build a car that has a dramatic power-to-weight-ratio as opposed to outright power.

    “I spent part of my early career at Honda developing the NSX, and specifically the aluminium body,” said Ito. “I really enjoyed that experience, and learned much, so it is my wish that Honda engineers have the experience of developing a sportscar like the NSX in future. Within Honda, our engineers are already looking at developing such a car.”

    Ito declined to comment on when such a car could make production, but he stressed it would be a different vehicle to the original NSX, which weighed 1350kg and had 290bhp.

    “You can’t depend on a high power output to call a car sporty anymore,” he said. “The original NSX was about high power but also good driving performance, and today power-to-weight is what we have to focus on. The NSX was known for its aluminium body, so when we develop our new sportscar we don’t want to copy Ferrari for power, but to also chase efficiency as well.”

    A successor to the original NSX was originally planned to be launched in 2010, but was canned in December 2008 by then Honda CEO Takeo #$%#i in reaction to the economic crisis and growing environmental concerns.
    However, Ito is pushing for Honda to push its sporting credentials again, so long as they compliment its environmental stance.

    “Our recent efforts have been focused on fuel efficiency, and that perhaps gives the impression Honda is behind with pushing the brand image of sportiness, but let me assure you that is not the case,” said Ito. “We will address that impression with our new generations of cars.”
  2. I heard about this, I cant wait to see it! :D Nice to see Honda is bringing back a legend.
  3. doubt it'll be called NSX
  4. I dont care how fast it is, just make it drive as nice as the old one
  5. My fingers are crossed
    I was following a very early NSX through town the other week. Must have had some slight aftermarket exhaust but god it sounded/looked good.
  6. i liked that HSC concept they should have just made that
  7. Honestly, looking at the old NSX today, it doesnt feel like a 20 year old design.

    If they updated the old one, fitted an updated engine and transmission, it would still sell.
  8. And if they ARE going to start from scratch, they better keep the engine where it was.
  9. lots of young rich asians around here so i see NSXs all the time, including a black twin turbo one. ugh so awesome
  10. you creep
    get a life
  11. just because i dont fit your mold mark
  12. Implying they sold well to begin with
    Must be some other reason they cancelled it
  13. yes
    gayness flooded it
  15. Could be the fact that it was basically the same car for 16 years. All they really changed in that time was a bump in displacement to 3.2, revised suspension, and cosmetic changes. That would be like Ferrari still selling the 348 in 2005, and then canceling the whole line because sales were declining.

    And to clarify; I don't mean for Honda to release the old NSX with a bump in power, but sticking close to the original design with a thorough implementation of modern technologies will result in a very marketable car. With a good marketing campaign like "it was so good the first time, we barely had to do a thing" or the like, it will certainly sell.
  16. And a nicer interior
  17. Oh get fUcked w00t
  18. Just put that proto V10 into the old NSX and be done with it.
  19. They were selling in extremely small numbers when it was still in production. I agree it still looks great, but there's no way they could start selling it again and expect to make any money.
  20. they bearly sold any because it was 80 grand !
    for an acura!
    and for that money you could doug fiper, with 500 horsepowers and 500 torques and be the king of the vast underground street racers
  21. Theres also the fact that they didnt market it right. What should have been a halo car for the Honda brand [like the LFA is for lexus, and its 5 times the price and still sells] was instead just kind of a "and also" car. Instead of being paraded by honda, it was just kinda kept in the corner as a car they also make for anyone interested. Sure enthusiasts all knew it as an awesome car, but part of the appeal of driving an expensive car is people knowing what it is, and knowing that its special.

    And couple that with the fact that honda really didnt keep the car competitive with the competition... theres really no question why demand wasnt high.
  22. all the people that liked the car couldnt afford it
  23. Do want...a '00 NSX
  24. dunno
    look at your avatar
    its basically the 60s selling in the 00s and fords still making mo… oh
  25. It will be FWD Hybrid, owned.

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