Honda confirms 'new NSX'

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by V8stangman, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. hecka young professional asian dudes around here own them
  2. i want to be in that number
  3. move away from winter
  4. saw one on sunday in town

    but before that a good few months
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  6. k then live in california and be a former ricer who now has money like all the other nsx owners round here
  7. do they still try to put black wheels with tyres that are too small for them on and play the "stance game"
  8. Dear Honda,

    I wouldn't trust you to not #$%# this car up. Please leave us with the memories.

  9. different type of guys
    ive never seen an nsx like that
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    no that's white kids who are into Japanese things (Animes, "learning Japanese", being poor, and drifting) or German things (world war II Nazi paraphernalia, old guns, being poor, etc).

    usually they have,
    -rear window *shocker* sticker ( )
    -DC Shoe Co. bumper sticker
    -partially complete bodykit in primer grey (its always an ongoing project)
    -project car doubles as daily driver
    -hope to one day go to the track and do drifting

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