Honda confirms 'new NSX'

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  1. Back then the debate was about which car had quicker lap times. The Americar haters wouldn't accept the data.

    The question asked in this thread wasn't specifically about lap times and it made no mention of price.
  2. Now it's all about the PASSION

    R.I.P. PandaBeat
  3. Oh thank you for restoring order
  4. Don't care about all the bla-bla-bla on the Z06.

    Gimme that 'Vette
  5. That is true.
  8. Did you mention the 340hp V8?
    No? Stfu.
  9. That is mean numbers.
  10. if it costs 90g+, it better be faster than a GTR....
  11. If it's my money I'm spending, I'll go with the vette. I like the NSX more, sure... but the price the go for even today is idiotic.
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    Is Tony Stark's new Acura the precursor to the next NSX?

    When the upcoming Marvel reunion The Avengers hits the silver screen, it promises to be packed with action. Action heros like Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America... and a new Acura NSX.

    Wait, what? That's right: if the latest rumours from Auto Express prove true, that mystery Acura supercar that Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) has been spied driving on the set of the upcoming superhero flick will be our first glimpse at the new supercar from Honda's premium marque.

    The neo-NSX will reportedly pack the through-the-road all-wheel-drive hybrid drivetrain from the 2001 Honda Dual Note concept, encompassing a 3.5 to 3.7-litre V6 driving the rear wheels and an electric hub motor in each of the front wheels.

    Tipped to be priced to take on the Nissan GT-R, the new NSX could be the Honda supercar we've been waiting for. For its part, Honda officials continue to deny that Tony Stark's car is representative of a new NSX, so we'll believe it when we see it (and we don't just mean at the movies).
  13. AWD? Lame.
  14. Well, the gas engine powers only the rear wheels, and the electric motors powering the front. Kinda cool. Means it can have very precise control of how much power it sends up front.
  15. lulz hybrid, owned
  16. anyone thinking the new NSX is going to be anything like the old NSX is an idiot. its been 20 years since the last one
  17. RIP Pop-ups
  18. i think the new nsx will be just like the old one but a little bit more powerful
  19. Does the electric hub wheels mean what it sounds like, or are the motors inboard?

    Cannot see such wheels on anything remotely sporty due to weight?
  20. Tony Stark Acura is awesome. Not an NSX though? Surely not? Too much R8.

  21. Its the Transformer Corvette in disguise, guise.
  22. Will end up like Lexus from minority report. And definitely too much R8 goin on here. I hope this isnt the NSX cause that would be disappointing
  23. Hopefully they will apply some of the technologies from the HSV-010 GT to this. Maybe it will end up getting the high revving V8 from the HSV-010 GT.
  24. ,maybe it wont end up being gay

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