Honda confirms 'new NSX'

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  1. I doubt that will happen.
  2. powered by the Accord Hybrid motor lulz
  3. What did acura (builder of the nsx) use the nsx motor in, besides the acura nsx
  4. Acids integra four door
  5. Lol thank you phone for correcting my mistakes
  6. ya right phone made you look STUPID
  7. lol
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    New Honda NSX confirmed

    Honda's R&D chief Mibe Toshihiro has confirmed to Autocar that work is underway to produce a new sportscar in the mould of the iconic Honda NSX - and separate reports suggest it could be on sale as early as next year.

    Responding to comments made by Honda president Takanobu Ito about the new NSX, Toshihiro said that Honda was ready to start work on the next generation of its electric and hybrid vehicles, and suggested that a new sportscar would be evaluated as part of that project.

    "We are now at a point where we can consider the next generation of electric and hybrid vehicles," said Toshihiro while speaking at the Global Automotive Forum in Chengdu, China. "President Ito has already mentioned a new NSX, and we have looked at that in the R&D department. It would be an interesting project - electric or hybrid vehicles can be fun as well as economical. More than that I cannot say."

    Ito previously suggested that the new NSX would be a different vehicle to the original NSX, which weighed 1350kg and had 290bhp.

    Reports have suggested that a concept car hinting at the new Honda NSX could be shown at next month's Tokyo motor show, with a production car being shown early in 2012, ahead sales beginning later next year. However, timescales for the project are said to be flexible, as Japan continues to recover from disruption following the earthquake earlier this year.
  9. Great so all this extra power they will make will be nullified with its fat curb weight due to the battery system and modern safety requirements.
  10. is ayrton senns developing the suspension in the new one too
  11. He got pretty rich from his documentary and quit his job at Honda. So, no!
  12. no just the steering column.
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  14. Godspeed.
  15. When when when did you get this??!
  16. Literally today. Thats why its still got the old number plates on it and not my [VTEC] ones.
  17. You sold the y2k?

  18. Y2k lol
  19. a bagged nsx.. sick
  20. very very nice

    please don't rice it out like you did with the s2k
  21. wha? they were still making them like 5 years ago.
  22. EDIT
  23. The NSX debuted ~20 years ago. Maybe that's what he meant. If the replacement debuted now, the design would be 20 years newer, so we could expect it to be much different.
  24. ezaclee

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