Honda confirms 'new NSX'

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  1. almost got t boned by a early 90's NSX on saturday night. he was not expecting to get into an agrument at the next light. also totally ruined his night as whatever whore he picked up from whatever bar he was at didn't appreciate me informing her/him that driving a 30k dollar honda didn't give him privlidges to not stop at a stop sign.
  2. Worth a bit more that 30k CDN
  3. Not really.
  4. not over here. you can buy a early NSX here for no more than 40k (and thats if you're an idiot and pay that much for it). I also know the car as it is worked on by a friend of mine (its an automatic, thereby making it cheaper).
  5. Yeah, you can pick up a 91-92 model here for $20-$25k. Not easy to find just due to their rarity, but that's about the going rate.
  6. Who will test drive it first for the media? Not that Senna can be replaced but still..
  7. His nephew?
  8. Ugh.
    Maybe Jensen buttons, when did Honda stop making engine for f1?
  9. 2008?
  10. lol you got trolled
    you think vicious gives a shit about that
  11. whatever you are just jealous of my superior f1 knowledge
  12. Does acura, the maker of nsx still compete in f1
  13. nsx would be so epic in f1 be cause it was designed by aryan sienna, a great forumala 1 racer
  14. The NSX should also race in NASCAR.
  15. doesnt the NSX race in NASCAR already?
  16. No
    No japanese are aloud
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    Next NSX gets hybrid V6 and AWD

    Honda has revealed that it is working on a new concept that hints at a range-topping sports coupe.

    The Super Sports concept will follow the Small Sports EV Concept that will be unveiled at this week’s Tokyo motor show. Yoshikazu Kigoshi, general manager for Honda research and design centre, described the Super Sports concept as “a halo model that will be a successor to the NSX.”

    The Super Sports concept will be unveiled at Detroit in January next year and is likely to be powered by a 300bhp+, all-wheel drive petrol-electric hybrid system dubbed ‘Super-Handling AWD’ (SH-AWD).

    Using a new 3.0-litre V6 petrol motor that drives the front wheels, whilst the electric motor powers the rear-wheels, the unit benefits from a torque-distribution system on the rear axle that mimics a differential and improves handling safety and response. It’s also possible that a new seven-speed double-clutch unit would be the standard transmission.

    Kigoshi described how the Super Sports would be badged an Acura in America but would be likely to still arrive in those countries that don’t have the Acura brand – including the UK – badged as a Honda.

    The aggressive-looking big coupe will arrive weeks after three new Tokyo motor show concepts that point firmly towards the brand’s more cohesive and range-wide future design direction. Creative director of Honda design, Toshinubu Minami, who designed the Super Sports concept, admitted that the halo model would “wears the same Honda face as the Tokyo concepts, because of course there must be consistency, but they won’t be the same.”

    The Small Sports EV Concept that will be seen at Tokyo tomorrow is expected to reach showrooms by 2013.
  19. Don't care
    Give me old one
  20. New Hondas are g3y.
  21. lol @ 300HP v6 with AWD and hybrid shit. OOOH a 4,000lbs 14 sec NSX. No thanks.
  22. did i mention the
    ya get out
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    ahahahahaha omg honda sucks so much..... this is going to be horrible... they really should not associate it with the name NSX at all.
  24. damn yeah must suck, has more hp than the last nsx and new technology! #$%#
  25. What it doesn't have 700hp? Haha what a slow piece of shit #$%# yiu honda

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