Honda confirms 'new NSX'

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  1. just wait for the Type R version with proper tune and broken in engine
  2. last car was already underpowered, but at least it was light weight.... this car will be significantly heavier due to AWD, newer safety/comfort features, and electric drive system, and they are hinting at sub-400hp.... we can only hope their hybrid drive system is somehow better than magical GTR AWD system/gearing.

    and AWD does not follow the spirit of the original.

    NSX is one of my favorite all time cars, and likely to be my next vehicle purchase.... but the details they have released so far for the new car make me wish they did not use the NSX moniker.

    my wishlist for new NSX

    -under 3200lbs,
    -500+hp naturally aspriated high revving motor (detuned honda race engine?)
    -proper manual gearbox
    -look like an evolution of the original, not a whole different car

    tell me you wouldnt want to see that?
  3. finally a worthy successor to one of the greatest supercars!!!!
  4. `de-tuned race engine`
  5. well not literally, but a more street friendly engine based of the architecture/foundation of race engine, like the C5R engines or something.
  6. i dont really care an AWD 300hp hybrid sounds better than some overpowered useless car
    probably still just buy a crz tho
  7. Bunch of cry babies up in here.
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    New 400bhp Honda NSX

    Honda supercar returns with a four-wheel-drive hybrid drivetrain, and the coupe version will debut at Detroit.

    The Honda NSX supercar is set to return as a 400bhp four-wheel-drive hybrid. Honda has already confirmed that a new NSX will be revealed at the Detroit Motor Show in January, and now we have more information on the Japanese Audi R8 rival.

    We’ve already seen spy shots of a concept car on the set of the new Avengers movie, and we’ve since had confirmation that the Detroit show car will be heavily based on that model. Our images show a coupe, but the final production version will also be offered as a roadster.

    The concept will be shown as an Acura – the firm’s luxury North American arm – but it will be badged as a Honda when it arrives in the UK, and retain its forebear’s NSX name. Power will come from a 3.5-litre V6 driving one axle and a pair of in-wheel electric motors to turn the other. This will give the NSX four-wheel-drive traction and 400bhp-plus. Performance will be impressive, with 0-62mph taking under five seconds.

    Read more:
  9. Not bad, but it looks too much like an R8.
  10. It looked absolutely awesome. Go NSX!!!
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  12. not a fan at all
  13. Not bad really, but too bad its AWD.

    I still wish Honda went w/ the HSC concept 6 years ago.
  14. how do you make a supercar boring? what the hell happened to honda in general?
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    Ask an enthusiast to picture the Acura NSX and their mind might be drawn to a well-dressed Ayrton Senna casually tossing the rear-wheel-drive sports car around in a pair of fine Italian loafers. It was a pure, simple sports car perfectly aligned with the Honda philosophy.
  16. Oh.
  17. certainly you remember the old nsxes. they weren't exactly a cocaine orgy.
  18. but they were unique. this looks like a billion other swoopy concept cars with wheels that are too big
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  20. No they weren't unique. Back in the late 80s all cars were rocking the same look with their pop-up headlights, etc
  21. Quote from the article lol. So lame
  22. I know, jalopnik is pretty bad, but it's the first article I came across with the official pics.
  23. Infiniti is debuting a mid engined concept sportscar at Geneva. It looks to be much more interesting than this.

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