Honda confirms 'new NSX'

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  1. great!

    i look forward to your further comments. please share them!

  2. Still not sold on it.
    My 94 with pop ups > Acura americanised replacement.
  3. jealous is not the word
  4. I can't WAIT! come back now!!
  5. Pure unadulterated hatred/jealousy
  6. Nice choice on colour
  7. I dont think he got to choose the colour really
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    Acura NSX Roadster Unveiled for Avengers Movie

    Japanese automaker Acura has a huge involvement with the upcoming Avengers movie, which already looks to be a hit based on trailers and previews. We got a hint that Acura would be the official automotive partner for the movie when we spotted the Stark Industries Acura Super Car earlier this year.

    It appears that the super car is a one-off Acura NSX Roadster and the Japanese automaker stressed that it was “created specifically for the film.” We still have belief that a convertible variant of the new NSX is in the works, especially since NSX Spider patent pending images were leaked.

    Besides the NSX, Acura will also have its MDX, ZDX, RDX, and TL starring in the film. Acura will also be launching an online game that will net players movie tickets, flashlights, and a trip to New York City.
  10. Not too bad. I still the outgoing model looks way better.
  11. You mean the 1st generation NSX?
  12. you mean the only other NSX?
  13. People often call the FL the Mk. 2.
    But people are idiots.
  14. um no
    looks like shit
    looks so bad
  15. It's not bad but it's too generic. Every supercar is starting to look the same. They all have squinty aerodynamic headlights/taillights. What happened to supercars having their own individual personality and design language. There is nothing that ties this car with Honda/Acura other than the badge on the front end.
  16. Even though it was fairly minor, it did receive changes and a facelift for '02-'05. I didn't mind the original '90-'01 models, and the refresh left touched it up a bit while leaving it mostly unchanged.

    And calling an NSX generic... laughable. HAH! You sorta contradict yourself in the final sentence. Honda/Acura is a sea of dull and bland cars, and the fact that it's not recognizeable as being a Honda means that it set itself apart, which would be the opposite of the idea of generic. It's a two seater, it's low, the rear end is weird and flat and wide like a 512 or TR. It's hardly generic. But of course I'm obviously a fan, and I'm guessing you're not.

    edit: wait, are we talking about the old one or the new one?
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  18. Sorry, I should have specified. In my previous post I was referring to the new one being too generic. The outgoing model was unmistakable for anything else imo. I am a huge fan of the old models.
  19. that may be true but using a halo model to display future design language cues does happen. I wouldn't be surprised if honda started changing the styling to be more angular etc over the next decade or so
  20. the front definitely hints at the acura styling we've had here in the US for a couple years now.
  21. I hate to judge before I see one up close, but the pictures make it seem kind of bland yea.

    The SLS looked bland from pictures online, but hardly irl. Hopefully the new nsx will be similar
  22. this is more a heritage thing........maybe they will create like a collectors edition rather than mass produce?
  23. It looks like some odd/shopped Audi.

    Nothing intrinsically wrong, but quite generic. It's what I'd expect from a decent artist's impression of the car.
  24. meh. old one looked better.

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