Honda CR-Z concept

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  1. Honda looks to the future with a hybrid launch

    Honda is hoping to launch the first mass-market hybrid sports car in early 2010, and its CR-Z concept hints at what it could look like. The company is predicting a tripling of the global hybrid market by 2012, so it will also introduce a hybrid-only vehicle in 2009 with a hybrid Civic to follow. (evo)
  2. thats really ugly.

    good idea though, so long as they can keep the weight down. are they still selling the S2000? i see them on Honda lots every now and then, but cant tell if they are new.
  3. Hopefully that grill is just there to emphasize the Honda logo and not related in anyway to the final design.
  4. a hybrid diesel that costs less then 20k would be so badass.
  5. It's got a Maser GranTurismo vibe to it, like some grotesque offspring.
  6. Needs more CRX, and less grille.
  7. post avatar. immediately.
  8. looks ok, better than a lot of modern concepts
  9. I kinda like it.
  10. megamouth LOL!

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