Honda CRZ Finally unveiled

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  1. After a few weeks worth of leaked images and brochure fluff, Honda has finally pulled the covers off its next new production hybrid hatchback. The Japanese automaker claims the CR-Z will bring back the kind of driving joy that hasn't been felt since the CRX last left dealer lots in 1991, saying that owners will embrace this new mild hybrid with both their hearts and minds. We certainly hope they're right.

    While we're really digging the looks of the CR-Z and the way it hearkens back to the classic CRX and even the original Insight hybrid, we've gotta admit that we're a tad bit disappointed with the specifications. With 122 horsepower on tap and just 128 lb-ft of torque from the 1.5-liter VTEC four-cylinder with Integrated Motor Assist, shouldn't we expect more than 36 miles per gallon in the city and 38 on the highway from the CR-Z?

    Let's just hope that the car's driving dynamics live up to the lofty standards to which Honda is eluding – at least there's an optional six-speed manual transmission to go along with the expected CVT automatic. We'll know soon enough know how it goes down the road, as the 2011 CR-Z is slated to hit the ground running in the summer.
  2. Just finished a cup of coffee, and yawned as I read that article, and looked at the gallery.
  3. Disappointed.
  4. Honda, Toyota, whats the dif these days?
  5. No comments needed.
  6. All Azn cars look alike.
  7. i'd like to drive this and a crx side by side
  8. sooo much promise, but honda really dicked it up in the end
  9. Almost looks American! Terrible.
  10. fat?
  11. it looks like a retarded version of the original, which I guess is good enough for it to sell.
  12. This is supposed to get car guys excited about hybrids?
  13. Honda or Hyundai?
  14. I have decided I actually hate this car.
  15. Rear = WTF
  16. No, just ugly.
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  20. bland + awkward = this
  22. The automotive press is making a big fuss about this car as if it's something worth getting excited about. Looks like it's basically a Honda Insight with updated styling, and it gets worse mileage than the original CRX.

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