Honda Daulnote vs. Acura DN-X

Discussion in '2002 Acura DN-X Concept' started by quattrogt, Aug 9, 2002.

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    longshoreman you are the stupist person ever. you take the time to resaerch the similarities in the engines but yet you fail to realize that honda and acura are the same. Then you say that acura is too classy to sue. YOU MORON! i dont know anyone who is too classy to sue let alone a whole coorperation.
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    this and the honda r the same thing ent they <!-- Signature -->
  3. This is an interesting comparison. I would have to go with the DN-X because Acura is luxury marque and Honda focuses more on practical cars.Honda is a great company but why have a Honda when you can have an Acura? Besides Honda copied V-TEC from the 1990 Acura NSX.You can look it up yourself. Honda mysteriously started having V-TEC in 1992. I think the only reason Acura didn't sue was because they are too classy. Classy cars made by classy people.
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    Acura and Honda are one in the same. In Japan there is no Acura just Honda (ex. Honda NSX, Integra, etc.). In the US Acura was developed to distinguish between the Honda base line and their luxury line. So, I don't think Acura would have sued Honda unless they wanted to sue themselves.

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