Honda guys only understand STATS nothing else

Discussion in '2001 Honda NSX-R Concept' started by madddskillz, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Not to start an argument or anything, I jus want to know how American cars are more original than Honda's. I would have thought that it would be the other way around because their is much more to do to Honda's than American cars. And yes it's true their are alot of Honda drones, well the reason for that are:

    1) Wannabe's that copy things from other people
    2) Most people who do Honda's do not design the body kits and lights themselves
    3) Rich ass kids whose parents buy them the latest car and all the fixings before anyone can even see the car in the lot and
    4) *****-ass lame O's trying to impress the women but don't know ish about cars or what they have (or what their mechanic)put in their cars.
    I don't know much about cars, as a matter of fact I don't know ish about cars, but I learn to appreciate different characteristics of different cars. And yes Honda's have small engines and are "under-powered" but that's the fun in modifying them. Seeing how much can you get from that little ass engine (most likely from another honda or acura) and how good can you make the car look at the same time.<!-- Signature -->
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    I dont know what this guy is trying to say. But i love hondas and i think the NSX is sick.
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    Analogic, you made some interesting points.
    One that caught my attention was this.
    You said, all you honda owners are DRONES. Not in those exact words, but basicly saying that its all been done before.
    Well my friend, your right.. it has. It also has been done before with many domestics as well. The same ol' shit.
    Anyhow, im a Honda fan.
    Now, of course you take a rare auto and modify it, inside and out..sure you got something exotic. Whats the point?
    What are STATS?, well, stats are printed out on a Dyno after you have just finished tunning up your car, and want an accurate report of what your engine is capable of running. Now this of course is not on the road, where drag, weight and balancing are factors.
    Stats do matter! Thats why people laugh when you say you have an I4 in your car...stats!!. I see many domestic people trying the whole Torque VS HP argument... talk about stats..., Stats are very important to someone tunning an I4 or V6. When tunning the little engines to their breaking point, you bet.. we rely heavily on Stats.. <!-- Signature -->

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