Honda HSV-10

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by RLQ, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. New honda sports/race car - FTMFW

    HSV name and Sagaris look - rip off :S
  3. and also send a few Englands way while they're at it..
  4. honda sports velocity is a retarded name
    pritty cool car though
  5. VXR should do that, yeah.
  6. troll
  7. How about Honda Sports Vtec?
  8. F458 with more attitude, I like it.
  9. *LFA
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  11. I think he was referring to the looks.
  12. damn asians always get the good cars
  13. seriously one of my favorite cars ever, for how the front looks.

    this looks damn hot.
  14. Seriously, even the SR8 is legal in the UK...jealous...
  15. ????
  17. Lotus called
    They need a V10 for the new Esprit
  18. this has a 3.4 v8
  19. they developed V10 for the road version
    which has no use now
    since this has 3.4V8
    hence-ship V10s to Lotus please Honda
    make them call it Enesix
    wishfull thinking out loud....
  20. Who is this kid
  21. so
    you disagree it would be a good use of stillborn V10?
  22. Indeed I do. Lotus should find a light weight V8.
    Also, who is this kid?
  23. me
  24. Might not be financially viable to produce engines made in Lotus-like quantities.

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