Honda NSX 20th Anniversary Reunion

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by 4WD, Dec 18, 2010.

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  2. that re-fresh plan looks interesting.

    great car and pictures.
  3. Such a underrated car.
  4. Seriously I have a huge boner for these things lately. I'll get my hands on one in about another year or so because its just that badass of a car. Will be looking for pre update hardtop six speed.

    I do admit that people will probably come in here talking about how slow they are...and it is. But its just sublime for a car to drive. After getting a taste of its not scary to drive and is pretty f'en civil for something that can be hardcore.

    Also just the look of the damn thing...aggressive and yet restrained if that makes any sense.
  5. So awesome. I have always wanted an NSX.
  6. fav japanese car ever.
  7. So wait, they were converting NSX's to NSX-R's are the event?
  8. fantastic car
  9. i want one.
  10. yeah whats the deal with the refresh centre?

    nsx to nsxr?

    cool car s2
  11. And yet they're all 'murdered out' and have shit rimz fitted to them.

    A stock standard NSX would be a wonderful thing if they even existed any more.
  12. NSX > LFA > GTR
  13. Basically:

    90's Jap sportscars > the current crop.
  14. What are you talking about nigga? The stock rims on a 97 and below NSX are lumps of iron. Ugly ugly lumps of iron.

    Sorry but for looks I'll take a NSX>Supra/GTO>RX-7>300ZX.

    Don't know if I wanna sell my Supra yet but in due time I'll have a preface lift NSX in the garage.
  15. why are 2nd hand nsx's so expensive ;_;
  16. GTO's are **** ugly
  17. No way! GTOs are sweet looking cars. I'll give you the first Gens haven't aged quite as well as saaay the NSX or maybe even the Supra... But they were badass looking cars for their time. I still love them, shitty transmission or not.

    As for the actual thread purpose... NSXs are truly amazing cars. As everyone always says it would have been nice if they'd had more power, but who cares. Still awesome. Plus, that's what the aftermarket is for!
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    Not in America. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    More pics of the event.
  20. id get rid of a Supra ASAP for an NSX

    Fun should last more than a 1/4 mile!
  21. Did the Honda robot drive a NSX?
  23. lmfao @ supra being better looking than RX7 (comparing final generations of course)

    i enjoy the supra, in fact my ex-roomie and best friend both drive 4th gens, but its too bulbous to be sexier than an FD.

    id say 300zx and supra are very close, with slight edge to supra for being more timeless design, the 300zx is more obviously 90s styling, but still very cool.

    1st gen NSX is also easily 90s dated, however the mid-engine layout and distinctive traits still make it the winner from that group, and the 2nd gen is even better.

    you do not see an NSX on the road and confuse it for any other car (unless you just dont know shit about cars)

  24. easily
  25. ROFLCOPTER That's because you're not a owner.

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