Honda NSX. I'm happy to announce we have imported REAL right hand drive Honda NSX from Japan.

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  1. Hello jdm fans. We are proud to announce that we have imported and will continue to import real jdm vehicles including the Honda NSX. This thread is to let the public know we have Honda NSX in stock and they are titled in the USA and fully registered. Ready for sale now.

    We have a 1991 Honda NSX 5 speed manual transmission for sale as well as a NSXR GT replica Honda NSX. Both a real authentic Japanese Honda NSX right hand drive. Feel free to contact us to inquire about purchasing. These are the only titled and registered Honda NSX for sell in the entire USA. Rare is an understatement. Be the only person at the car show with a rhd NSX and enjoy knowing nobody else owns the same car as you. Thanks for looking and feel free to call or text me at 7028082702
    [email protected]

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  2. I'm normally against advertising, I think that's the site's policy too
    But seeing this is in the correct forum and actually about cars... ;)

    Just for in the future, please update this thread with new Japanese/Asian items in your inventory, rather than creating a thread for every new car. It's possible to edit thread titles into something like "our awesome JDM inventory" using the thread options section.
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  3. Ok thank you for the info. I will make sure to follow what you said and just update the post with new inventory.
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