Honda NSX postponed again

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  1. The on-off saga of the launch of Honda’s all new supercar took another twist last week when CEO Takeo #$%#i announced that Honda was putting back the launch of its Acura brand in Japan – and that the NSX replacement, which will be badged an Acura this time round, won’t be launched at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

    Honda will not say when the new NSX will appear, but Acura’s launch in Japan will now not happen until 2010 at the earliest. It is likely that Honda would want to launch the NSX at its home show in Tokyo, and as there’s no Tokyo show that year, the real launch date could be as late as October 2011.

    #$%#i cited concerns over the suitability of the Japanese market for the Acura brand as the reason for the postponement. According to a Honda spokesperson, it has nothing to do with the car not being ready for the show; indeed, Autocar has already published pictures and video of the car, disguised as an S2000, testing at the Nurburgring (see links below).

    Japanese show-goers will have to make do with the global debuts of the Lexus LFA and Nissan GTR supercars then. Oh well. (Autocar)
  2. Doh! Mofo...
  3. #$%#. The NSX successor is such a myth.
  4. Do you want it done fast? or do you want it done right?

    Edit: I just realised it hasnt been exacly a fast development.
  5. GTR>>>LFA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>None Existent NSX
  6. at this point i pretty much just want it done.
  7. Haha, censorship is so horrible.
  8. I'm not sure...the LF-A may be more interesting...not to mention much more exotic.
  9. Than the GTR? I'd probably give it more exotic, but not more interesting... Not to me anyway! Thinking back on it it should probably be:

    GTR>>>>>>LFA>>>>>>>>Nonexistent New NSX

    Maybe it's cuz I'm a Yank and we never got the Skyline GTRs, but I just want to see the GTR and see how badass they are alot.
  10. I'm not holding my breath..
  11. True. They should just redo the interior on the current car, and boost HP to about 330.
  12. Honda's blue devil.
  13. keep postponing it until you get it right/make the HSC#$%#
  14. A V10 machine with a 200mph top speed is more interesting than a twin turbo V6 AWD machine
  15. Dear Honda STFU.
  16. Dear Honda, MID ENGINE rwd, 580+ hp V10, aluminum chassis with cf body panels, and good styling+ aerodynamics, please, just cause i asked
  17. I don't care about what engine something uses, as long as it gets the job done. I care about how it performs... I suspect the LFA will get raped like a 98 pound white boy gets raped by Bubba in prison.
  18. No its going to be a I4 front engine FWD.
  19. Raped by what? The GT-R?
  20. USA#1!!!!! since the only nsx we ever got was a Acura (unless modded to be hondas/imported)
  21. Why can't they just stick with the idea of the original? Give us that Italian formula for supercar hotness with the reliability and sensibility of a Honda powerplant.
  22. Yes.
  23. They could just release the previous NSX with 400hp and I'd be happy.

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