Honda Odyssey

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by ReeK, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. Anybody ever owned/driven one?

    I'm think of buying one to fit te family.
  2. Get an SUV.
  3. awesome van... get the new 05 one... i also recommend as an alternative, the toyota sienna. anyways the two are the best vans out there right now,... so it'll be betweent he two i IMO.
  4. Nobody cares about your opinion because you’re some dumbass kid without a driver’s license.
  5. Chrysler will probably still outsell it. at least I hope so.
  6. Get a wagon.
  7. Don't need one.

    I never drive off-road. And the Ford tows the trailers I use just fine.
  8. That license-less kid's opinion matters more, since he is talking from a back-seat passenger's point of view.
  9. My dad just traded his 03 for an 05. Great van. 38 for the Touring with the i-VTEC, though.
  10. Yes, a Diesel H2.... oh wait...
  11. Probably the best van out there on the market. I don't think we ever had one for more than a few days when I sold used. Ride so much better that even a top of the line Town&Country that it was embarrasing.
    Sienna's on the same level. I drove a 140,000 mile trade in we got and it still felt solid as a rock.
    Dear god don't get an SUV, but I'm sure you're smart enough not to do that. (useless, expensive, dangerous wagons on stilts)
  12. Toyota Previa? D4-D? sounds good to me....
  13. Te Wife thinks the Previa's are fugly, so has vetoed it.

    Toyota Ipsum is another possibility...
  14. Do you get the Lancia Phedra down there? the Ulysee? the 807?
  15. where are you from
  16. they're not dangerous if you don't drive them like an idiot. The fact is, most people drive SUV's the same way they drive cars, you cannot do that, they are not cars. If you drive them ignorantly, it will come back to bite you on the ass, just like a car will. drive SUV's responsibly, and you will have no problems. However, this guy does not want or need an SUV, he wants a van so I'll agree and say that the Odyssey is probably the best minivan out there, very car like and not sluggish and ponderous like it's Chrysler rivals.
  17. But the sienna is a bit overpriced. As for the Odyssey its the only van so far i find that drives less like a van and more like a car.
  18. i believe the sienna is also car like, and has almost lexus like interior when fully loaded
  19. Reek, get an 2002 and up Odyssey.

    The 1999 to 2001 Odyssey have problems with transmission when it reaches 100,000km on the odometer.
    The Check Engine light and TCS goes on at that mileage. All the Odyssey that came to the shop with that problem was a defective transmission.

    Check to make sure that the 2002 and up Odyssey that the recalls on the transmission oil hose as been done.
  20. I duno, its pretty powerful, but IMO the Odyssey still drives better. But on the other hand the Sienna has 4wd
  21. you are correct, they both have strong points and weak points.. but are usually regulated to small things such as....

    a sienna may have dvd standard on a pkg8 le which will cost as much as a lx with the same pkg.(actually the sienna may cost about 1000 more i think due in part that the pkg. includes the dvd.) however minus the navigation on the odyssey .... something minuscule.

    this of course is based on what i have learned from product training at toyota.....

    all in all they are very similar... and in the van market... they are the two to go.As far as ride goes they are they two best riding vans out there hands down... ive driven them both

    ps. its been a while the above example is just a vague example to give a rough idea <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>... i would go odyssey IMO... although those damn siennas i see every day are growing on me <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> and as far as the actual features,the sienna i know has the little conviences like tons of bottle holders all around and cup holder... may matter if you have family and friends who will tag along alot, the odyssey i did'nt get to actually check the littlest details, which i think will only come down to it if you were to go that route to validate your purchase on conveinece overall.
  22. And youre a depressed loser lashing back at life's injustices by being an e-thug.
  23. Whoa! a 2002 is out of my price range...

    I've officially applied to te Bank to extend my mortgage, I asked for $10k which would get me a '96-'98 (depending on condition, kms etc)

    So I'm waiting on a reply from them, they could still tell me to piss off <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    Anybody know any milage figures? real ones, not manufacturers claims...

    AFAIK ther are 2 engine sizes, 2.2 and 3.0.
  24. The 1996-1998 models are very reliable. That's the smaller version of the Odyssey. It looks like a big station-wagon.
    Our parts dept have a 1997 and it got 295,000 kms on it and still drives strong.

    I recommend that one, sir Reek.

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