Honda or acura?

Discussion in '2001 Honda Integra Type R' started by crayon, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. i thought the honda integra type r and a acura integra type were the same cars but looks like its so guys whats the major difference b/w these two and which one is a bit better?
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    Well, Acura is made by Honda. So you can't really ask the question "Honda or Acura"? But I think most people would agree, Acura is just a tad better
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    This is also known as the Acura RSX. Overseas it's only Honda so it really is a rather pointless question. However, I like the Acura logo more.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah. In the US, Acura is the Luxury Brand for Honda. But if you're talking to a tuner (like myself), chances are, you'd prefer the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) style for that true Japanese originality. In my opinion, I'd much prefer an Integra be badged under Honda, but that's just my sole opinion.

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