Honda Ridgeline spy shot?

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by V8stangman, Aug 21, 2006.

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  2. the lamest pickup on the market, sorry I mean truck bodied accord.
  4. I'm going to take a wild guess and say yeah, that is a spy shot for an update on the sorriest "pickup" ever.
  5. its a minivan with a truck bed.
  6. *Truck bodied Odysey* and it's still the best pickup in its segment.
  7. I'm wondering why to whole front is bigger to the current line up.
  8. Haha! That's funny, considering it has the least amount of relevant pickup truck capabilities (very low to zero, in some categories negative numbers).
  9. Most folks don't use pickup truck capacities. Ever.
  10. POS. Drive it off a cliff.
  11. Then they shouldn't buy a pickup truck.
  12. u guys are all retarded, its much better then and F150

    and this seems to me like a hybrid version of the ridgeline, seeing as it has all those yellow wires
  13. o_O
  14. How so? It tows 5000lbs, adequate for an entry-level pickup. It has AWD for the sort of off-roading 99% of pickup buyers do. It's spacious inside, for the passengers most people haul in extended-cab pickups. It has vastly better road manners than any other pickup on the market, for the 90% of time when pickup buyers aren't using their trucks for anything "pickup-ish". It's got roughly the same level of power as most entry-level pickups. So please, explain your reasoning.
  15. My reasoning is that regardless of whether or not people actually use the abilities of their truck, they want to have them anyways. It's called bragging rights. Kinda like how sports car owners like to brag about how fast their car goes, despite never taking it to a racetrack.
  16. When review by 'car' magazines.
  17. The Ridgeline, Pilot, and Odyssey are built on a modified Accord platform.
  18. I understand why the Ridgeline isn't selling well. Most pickup buyers are rednecks who will never use the capabilities of their truck, but want a truck so they feel big and manly. The Honda name is known for small engines and family cars, so it's not "manly" enough to appeal to its segment of the market, and thus doesn't sell very well.

    What I don't understand is why people educated about vehicles still look down upon the Ridgeline. If you take away the Honda badge you have a great truck.
  19. You act as though a person whose opinion you pay to hear can't offer a valid opinion on two different types of vehicles. Yes, i 'm sure the guys down at 4x4 and Muddin' magazine aren't fond of it, but they have shitty, impractical tastes.
  20. the truck is still a FWD layout, which is really lame. if your saying 4WD magazines have shitty, impractical tastes, its because its impossible actually "wheel" an IFS "truck", its just like taking a car down a trail. The impractical part you speak of is what is best suited for offroading, solid axles, REAL engines with REAL powertrains, and suspension flex.

    example, a stock jeep vs a stock ridgeline showing suspension travel. the ridgeline has almost none and the jeep still has the swaybars connected. and if you were to disconnect them, it would have the same flex as the rear.
  21. the truck is still a FWD layout, which is really lame. if your saying 4WD magazines have shitty, impractical tastes, its because its impossible actually "wheel" an IFS truck, its just like taking a car down a trail it will have the same capabilities. 4WD magazines use real trucks, with real suspension (solid axles), real drivetrains and real engines.
  22. id like to see a lifted ridgeline do this without flipping over
  23. 90% of trucks have IFS, so that point is irrelevant to this thread. And, yes, you've proven the jeep is one of the best offroaders out there, but until jeep makes a pickup truck, you're missing the point. Besides, anyone with a choice in the matter is going to choose a Jeep wrangler or hummer H1 for offroading that hardcore anyway over any sort of entry-level pickup you can get today.

  24. I'd like to see a lifted Chevy Colorado do that, or a lifted Dogde Dakota do that, or any other entry-level pickup truck you can get now days.

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