Honda Ridgeline Will Remain In Production

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by V8stangman, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. i see them all the time
    know who drives them?

    ya, asians
    gross right
  2. Asians on this side of the bay that drive trucks drive Toyotas.
  3. only person i saw that drove one was asian. 100% of ridgeline owners are asian.
  4. *truck nutz*
  5. hey alphonse did we get the answers we were seeking
  6. i only learned they are drive by asian
  7. Love this truck.

    Minus its useless box and stupid looks. The purpose of competing in the truck department is to offer something that can haul and tow.
  8. It can tow 5000lbs, which is fine for the compact segment. Unfortunately, the compact segment is dying rather quickly.
  9. I started posting about how the ridgeline was a shitty deal, and comparing the starting prices of the ridgeline vs other pickups.
    Dodge Ram 1500: 22,120
    Ford F150: 23,300
    Honda Ridgeline: 29,350

    But then when you actually specd the ram and the ford to have 2 rows and 4 doors, and 4x4, they were more expensive than the Honda...

    so turns out, the honda actually is the better deal [unless you need to tow more than 5000lb, both the ford and RAM tow twice that]
  10. sooo
    people who bought a ridgeline want to live the truckz-lifestyle/monster energy enthusiast-look
    but really just need a pilot
  11. gorgeous truck
    i worked for honda once
    this fat guy told me that the ridgeline is like a lemon pie and sometimes you just want lemon pie
    dunno what he was talking about
    he was fat
  12. must eat alot of lemon pie

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