Honda to build hybrid sports car

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  1. Honda is to launch a hybrid sports car based on the CR-Z concept, according to company boss Takeo #$%#i.

    Speaking at the Detroit motor show #$%#i said that Honda needs to rapidly grow hybrid sales, and the CR-Z is expected to add some sparkle to petrol-electric propulsion.

    It's unlikely that a production CR-Z will differ greatly from the Tokyo concept. Many of the styling cues are expected to be carried over, as is the hybrid system - a frugal 1.3-litre petrol engine assisted by an electric motor.

    The CR-Z will also share many mechanicals with Honda's second hybrid launch of 2009. It will be a Civic-sized family hatch, costing around £14,000 and so dramatically undercutting the Toyota Prius.

    #$%#i is hoping that the new cars will help him achieve his aim of 10 per cent of Honda's sales to be hybrids by 2010. (Autocar)
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  3. I went to autocar's webiste to read this without the censorship and it turns out that the guy is named "Takeo FUkUi"

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