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Discussion in '2001 Chevrolet Malibu Cruiser Concept' started by Forsbach, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. F.U.C.K everyone who is trying to punk chevy. Chevy is the S.H.I.T. this car is hard. leave it alone you stupid ass honda lovers your mad because they have a tight car and it is better looking faster and cooler than anything you got. this thing would kick ass on the 1/4 if souped up.
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    now i like the old malibu's and all... but are you denying the fact that it looks like a honda? :p

    get it right... you dont soupe up a honda... you "rice it out" :p hehe
    and if you soup up any car it will kick ass in the 1/4... altho... best money/speed ratio is the rx7... so why not just get one of them... and soupe it up? and then... you would even be driving something that looks resonably good? :p
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    This car is way better than any Honda out there.
    This is Chevy's answer to the little ricers out there.
    Chevy is showing Honda how to make a Sport Compact Car, this is the way they all should be.
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    Forsbach if you like this, what do you think of the Ford XR8 Xplod Concept?
    I love both cars, the lil ryce cakes out there dog these cars cuz they know they are better than their jap pieces of crap.
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    i agree. the malibu is an amazing machine. my father ownes the 98 model and he's giving it to me on my birth day in 6 months. i'm gonna fix it up soooo much. i'll change the lights at the back, add some spoilers and stick on a toyota supra wing. what do u think? good idea?
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    this is chevy's answer because it knows it's getting it's butt kicked. tuners have been doing this to the family sized accords for years now. don't try and tell me this is good because its a new idea. they're even faster than the Malibu and trust me I know, somebody in my family has one.
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    it's interesting how Chevy has to do this for people to think Malibus and Cavaliers are cool, and Honda just makes a good car to start with and the people that buy them are smart enough to tune it themselves.
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    Malibu_speeder , dont put a supra wing on your malibu.. put on the spoiler thats on this one.. it wont look good with a supra wing
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    This car looks ryced up.
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    The Honda that ate the neighbor's dog.
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    What are u talking about?????
  12. Re: now whos gonna buy this this in NO way is better than a Honda in its class. Period, they modify a turbo charged V6 and only get that power out of it, that shows you how good CHevy is right there. And a orange painted engine block, umm....yea, ghetto. This thing is one of the biggest peices of crap I have ever seen. I used to have a little bit of respect for Chevy.
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    Actually the best money/speed ratio is the neon srt-4. It is only 19k and it can go 153mph. and is as fast as a camaro or mustang.
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    no way is this trying to be honda. awsome car
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    In what way is this half as good as ANY Honda???? Seriously, some of you people have no idea when it comes to ryce, you're more blinded by the American patriotism in your eyes than any real sense of judgement that could be construed as automotive knowledge.

    That kind of performance is $H!T when you look at the engine. Hell, if you consider the fact that smaller displacement, naturally aspirated engines with less cylinders are on production cars and produce considerably more power then it's a pretty good sign that the performance is pathetic. Hell, with the same setup (3.5 litre V6, turbocharged) Toyota Supras will run 4x that power, the production version produced over 100 more horsepower).

    Speaking as a REAL racer/Honda driver (i.e. I rally race with a '90 Civic SI, quite successfully too, only in my second season, and already I'm winning regional competitions, before you know it, I might be the WCRC champion in the Stock FWD class) it's quite apparent that this is a decent car, but is in NO WAY WHATSOEVER, better than the majority of "r!ce burners" out there.

    Turbocharged V6 that produces 230 hp being a better design than a 2.0 litre NA I4 producing 250hp...............MY ASS!

    I think perhaps you should quit with the fellatio, it's obviously causing you brain damage.
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    Don't be stupid, rycing a Malibu out is NOT going to make it better than the naturally good Honda's that come from the factory NON-ryced out, faster, and better handling.

    Chevy doesn't have the slightest idea how to make a Sport Compact Car.

    Are you saying that rycing a car out is the way a Sport Compact Car should be? Honda knows better than to ryce a car out from the factory, they make economical performance, it's the owners that ryce them out.

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    It looks like a ryced Accord, Honda doesn't ryce their cars out, it looks uglier than ANY Honda, it's a wannabe, and it's slower than a Civic Type-R, nevermind an NA Accord V-6.
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    I'm sorry, but this car is a piece of shit! I mean, come on! 65 HP per liter with a turbo?!! Now that's pathetic. I appreciate Chevy and all, but man, they definitely #$%#ed up right here. If you guys think this car is the shit, you'll probaly get a kick out of the 220 Turbo Cavalier concept. Now that's a good job of Chevy trying to make a sport compact car.
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    No, Chevy ain't trying to do a honda with this car, because that would mean they'd have to do something that they ahve never done before: Quality Control. cars like this are the reason i catch the bus....

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