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Discussion in '2001 Chevrolet Malibu Cruiser Concept' started by Forsbach, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. F.U.C.K everyone who is trying to punk chevy. Chevy is the S.H.I.T. this car is hard. leave it alone you stupid ass honda lovers your mad because they have a tight car and it is better looking faster and cooler than anything you got. this thing would kick ass on the 1/4 if souped up.
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    now i like the old malibu's and all... but are you denying the fact that it looks like a honda? :p

    get it right... you dont soupe up a honda... you "rice it out" :p hehe
    and if you soup up any car it will kick ass in the 1/4... altho... best money/speed ratio is the rx7... so why not just get one of them... and soupe it up? and then... you would even be driving something that looks resonably good? :p
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    This car is way better than any Honda out there.
    This is Chevy's answer to the little ricers out there.
    Chevy is showing Honda how to make a Sport Compact Car, this is the way they all should be.
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    Forsbach if you like this, what do you think of the Ford XR8 Xplod Concept?
    I love both cars, the lil ryce cakes out there dog these cars cuz they know they are better than their jap pieces of crap.
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    Can anyone tell me where I can get Malibu eurro lights or clear tail lights and air intake system if so can you email me at: [email protected]
    Please Reply SooN!!!!

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