Hong Kong Artist Received Zonda F

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Jap Performance Eat Dust, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. Nicholas Tse?
  2. hes a dorky looking guy. (I didnt see he was an 'artist' which explains it)

    Also it looks like shit in bare CF.
  3. Good for him.
  4. you know...all that land....in HK....to drive it....ooooooooooo
  5. What kind of artist?
  6. Anybody who talks smack about this guy is jealous.
  7. Record artist I believe.
  8. haha i know (not personally) that guy. His name is Aaron Kwok. He's a very popular singer and actor in HK.
  9. WTF? an artist? a ZONDA???
  10. wait? he BOUGHT one or did he receive one for w/e reason?

    cause when i read it, it sounded as if an artist got it as a prize of some sort
  11. For what reason?
  12. His name is Aaron Kowk, a famous Hong Kong singer/actor. He has been famous since the early 90's
  13. Flash light is not its friend.
  14. CAWK! OMG LOL!
  15. STFU
  16. i think he Purchase it.
    Since it's Pagani Latest Masterpiece. Pagani Himself will deliver the ZondaF himself and open a bottle of champange as well.

    I got this from the Top gear when interview the Owner that owned 2 Koenigseg (sorry don't know how to spell lol)
  17. *5th gear
  18. Also a pretty keen racing driver, IIRc he's been competing in the Asia Pacific Porsche Cup (or something) in his Gt3 (iirc again) for quite some time now.
  19. "Also it looks like shit in bare CF."

  20. Actually I find it looks rather good in bare Carbon Fiber, you can really see how much attention to detail they have in manufacturing the car. Even all the weaves seem to match.
  21. he still sings? I couldn't recognize him in that pic.
  22. hha sorry i had to pick a gay pic.

    He first started in a TV commercial in which he looked all innocent like a sad puppy when the female actress splashed water on him, then everyone(teen girls) started to go AWWWWWWWWW... can't find that pic.
  23. I agree its done well, but after admiring it you'd want it swiftly painted.
  24. lucky guy, i like it very much in carbon fiber without paint

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