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  1. Having never actually looked under the hood of an eclipse/tallon, I have always wondered what the functionality of that telltale hood bulge was. Can anyone who owns one or knows about it perhaps enlighten me?
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    The 4g63 is a fairly tall motor. If not for that buldge, the hood would slam down on the cam gears on the drivers side of the engine. with the buldge, it clears them nicely. Incidentaly, I like the buldge, kinda a neat quirk IMHO.
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    yes! another dsm'er answered this question, Correctly! thank you sir.

    most people think that bump is for the turbo, which makes absolutely no sense at all if you have ever taken even a glimpse under the hood or know how a turbo engine is setup.
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    you know I own a Talon and always wondered that. so does the bulge apply for the 2nd gen NA Eclipses and Talons? (RS, GS, & ESi)?
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    nope, that is it is not needed.

    in 90 they had 2 hoods, one for the Na s and one for the turbos.
    They quickly realized that was silly and made the all have the bulge.

    it became a design feature of the car, plus it made them all look similar, which the rs gs crowd likes, as well as the racers because i made it hard to tell who was who.

    when the 2 g came out they did not need the bulge on the rs gs (cam gears are lower and on the other side on a 420a) but they did not want to have two hoods again, + it was one of the characteristics of the car at that point.
    Truthfully you don't need the bulge even on a turbo (if you aren't running the cam gear cover) but it was one of the most distinctive features so they kept it.
  6. The bulge in the hood means I'm happy to see you.

    The bulge is for the cam gears, but can anyone tell me what the tinfoil stuff is for on the underside of the hood, I assume it has to do with heat, but what specifically?
  7. i had a truck that the foil stuff comning off on, so me and a friend removed it, few months later there were spots on the hood where the paint seemed to be turning brown and coming off, not sure if that was from the heat, or just a bad paint job (only did that on the hood, rest of the car was fine) the stuff probobally has some sound deadening effect as well

    how many DSMers are there on supercars.net nowadays? back in the day there were 4 of us, i dont post here much anymore
  8. DSM?

    I like the hood bulge. It looks different fom the other car's hood
  9. i have a '98 eagle talon esi and i took the foil off when i first got it and the paint is still fine, it is a precaution because the turbo charged cars create a lot more heat the and NA car would, my talon is NA and does just fine without the foil, also if you are creating too much heat from the turbo it can burn the foil to the top of your motor like my dad's race talon did

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