"Hooking up" with sibling's friends?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by The Drift God, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. 20-31 is totally different story...
  2. The only thing you've been hooking up with lately is your left hand
  3. As is 19-36..
  4. why is everything you post some sort of attack on someone, is your life that empty?
  5. God you're an absolute dunce. I've got really good chick friends that are 18-19 and I'm 23. Age is like, the worst possible thing to determine friendships/more over.
  6. 22/2 = 11
    11 + 7 = 18

    Even the formula says it's a-okay. Really though, if they're legal there really isn't a problem if its just casual sex. Relationships with younger girls is strange though.
  7. The older you get, the less difference age makes. Like here, 22-18 is fine. But 10 years earlier, 12 - 8, is not. Unless you're spyder.
  8. You have to do it, just to rub it in your sister's face. Also, she might be cooler to your sis after that because she'll want to come over more often. Nobody will suspect a thing...
  9. Seriously, 8/2+7 is 11, not 12.
  10. Is that for the lower bound or the upper bound, though?
  12. actually, what this thread needs is more pics of said friends
  13. You're a #$%#ing creep dude. We where together for... well, until April. And we still lived together post the break up in April. She still hasnt joined the military btw.
  14. Is she topless yet?

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