Hooray for women's rights!

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  3. This is already normal in Canada, just sayin.
  4. *most of NATO
  5. Interesting. One of the main excuses why they said they didnt want gays serving is because the gays would be distracted in the heat of battle, being around beefy dudes all the time that they wanna shag. But they're not at all concerned about guys being around girls all the time that they'll obviously want to bang like mad.

    Makes a whole lotta sense.
  6. Gays are also allowed to serve in Canada. Just sayin....
  7. Something we already have in common.
  8. All over your face.
  9. Religious people are their own worst enemies.
  10. "already" is an odd word to choose.
  11. Yes, please.
  12. Why?
  13. And in the US, as of last year.
  14. The kitchen can be a combat zone.
  15. Are the physical fitness standards different for men and women in Canada's armed forces?
  16. On paper, no. In practice, yes they give them a break.
  17. for Australia they are.
    women get an extra minute on the run, and less situps/pushups
    ie 25-35 male is 13 min for 2.4km run, 25 situps and like 8 push ups
    chicks get 14 min, 20 and 6.

    i personally think women on the front line in "combat roles" is a bad idea, but whatevs
  18. Eight pushups lol. Canada you have to do 10 tricep pushups. The standard used to be 30 or so way back in the day, but to many people couldn't pass.

  19. Thats pretty easy. I'm out of shape and I could easily those in 13 mintues.
  20. oh yeah, its easy as hell

    it is the chair force tho. not like i need to be fit to run around and shoot charlies and dodge bullets. if it comes down to airmen shooting people/getting shot at, its all gone terribly, terribly wrong, and its best to start learning Chinese.
  21. overlooked post
  22. it just wasn't very funny
  23. imo women can be in the army, just not in a combat role.

    they're too weak for that.

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