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  1. What is the highest horsepower viper? i was pretty sure it was the hennesy venom.... but i am not sure could someone tell me??<!-- Signature -->
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    there are other ones i have heard of with over a thousand, i couldnt tell you which though
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 4 the man</i>
    <b>there are other ones i have heard of with over a thousand, i couldnt tell you which though
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    The Giwasa and Stryker Viper both have over a thousand bhp.
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    yo son this car sucks yo. I have a supra with 6000hp and i also have a nissan skyline with 9999hp and it will dust this thing yo.The only car i used to like that was american is the escalade yo all u white boys in ur gay ass whity muscle shiits damn you its gay son.Well off the topic i went to get the escalade and they said one it only comes with 17 inch wheels i thought i came with 28 inch wheels and it only has 145hp son. So now i thinks that shiit is gay son. Euro cars r aight though its pimp to have one of those s something i forgot som like its the mercedes st100 or somein. well the fast and furious was off the hook son i have almost all those cars except 4 that american shit at the end the ferrari dusted tha and the american thing blew up and fliped over son i was like o snaps car r ill yo but american cars r wack yo. So all you white boys out ther son with ur whack ass cars watch out because i will dust u son.
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    You need to pull your head out your arse. You talk like a 10 year old.
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  8. You are truly retarded, anyways........i think it the viper 1000tt (1000hp)
  9. to that one guy.....dont speak ghetto "up in here"

    another thing....this thing could get 800 hp, but it's not possible with only two valves per cylinder

    if they ditched the pushrod valves and put DOHC with 4 valves per cylider, then it would work....the problem is two valves can't get as much air in the engine as 4 valves would

    i simply dont like pushrod valves.....i see then as outdated
  10. Ok, first off...6000 hp? nope sorry

    the most horsepower i have seen was 3000 hp, but that was a huge 40-liter diesel engine used on a major cruiseship....A CRUISESHIP, not a SUPRA

    as much as i like the Supra, i know that if you try to take it anywhere beyond 1000 hp you'll prolly blow the engine (or damage the tranny, or both)

    and there is no way in hell a 2.5 liter inline 6, no matter how good it is, will handle that kinda horsepower...
  11. you do know he was joking right?

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