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    i'm thinking 200 bhp will do well enough with a machine under 2400 lbs! I'm still holding off for the new mazda rotary though; i bet it would eat this puppy for breakfast.
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    i think it s digusting
    it rreally is wuite useless, its not one of those cars with could modification options even if u did give the thing more power it would probably bust, its also ugly as hell i mean look at it, its like a '96 celica.

    yuck :p
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Paragon Racer</i>
    <b>and the styling is quite sharp too, lol</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    uhhm for me the design of this new Mazda is butt ugly hope they never refresh the Miata with something looking like this.<!-- Signature -->
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    200 hp (at the wheels) normally aspirated would be pretty difficult. It would be very easy if you did it via turbo or supercharging. In fact, some of the cutting edge guys are pushing 350-400hp with turbos; these guys are pushing high 9's/low 10's in the quarter mile while being street-legal (barely). sells kits that will get 250hp easy.

    Also, sells parts to swap a Ford Mustang 5.0 in. You can then also add a supercharger. The weight difference isn't even all that much, so that handling isn't affected much.

    Miatas are probably the most underrated cars made. For the life of me, I don't know why Mazda lets everyone think of it as a "chick car" and doesn't market it based on all the road races it has won (MANY!)
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    so they put nice integra lights :p.... same style more hp... zoom zoom :p.. but the rx-8 is a very nice beast.. 255 naturally aspirated.. so if we soup this up we get ( a monster..) anyways.. has anybody thought of putting such turbo power to a z06 @[email protected] no comments<!-- Signature -->
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    acually mazda has played around with 6cylinders the duratec 2.5 with close to 240hp. and also with the new rotary engine. either one brought the car to 60 i believe around high 5sec mark. i read it along time ago in motortrend.
    ohh by the way now mazda speed is the official mazda tuner anything is possible.
  7. Lets hope i actually makes the close-to-200 they claim. Anyone remember the Maxda debacle when the 155 horsepower Miatas came out in 1999? They still only made 135-138 rear-whell horsepower. I hope they can pull it off, it looks great.

    Cheers.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yes, finally the badly needed boost in hp, 200hp would be just about right too, if it does actually reach that. I'll place my order today.
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    and the styling is quite sharp too, lol
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    This is a refreshing style compaired to the other newer designs coming out I bitched alot about the new Z and Skyline designs but the new Rx8 I mean if it weren't for the legend of the name who would buy such a car?<!-- Signature -->
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    Lets hope Maxda will actually give the Miata the power it deserves. It looks great, but the car is way to over priced for the performance it delivers.
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    this thang is sweet .. much nicer than the old miata...weighting 1060 kg with 200 horse, it better go fast
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    all it needs is a turbo and the engine to naturaly aspire the 200hp<!-- Signature -->
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    I agree with the power boost...
    but the styling just doesn't look right.
    it looks like a kit for the Miata, not a Mazda's in-house redesign<!-- Signature -->
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    According to Motor Magazine in Australia, we are getting a Turbocharged MX-5. That will be interesting.
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    The turbo MX-5 has about the same horsepower I think. Maybe a bit more.
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    it looks like they only changed the headlights for the styling of the car
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    How About The Ultimate Performance Upgrade ???

    1) A 13B 3-Rotor Turbo.
    2) 6-Speed Gearbox.

    Est Power -- 650Hp

    Nuff Said.
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    u have no idea what a miata can do in the right hands
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Drifter13bturbo</i>
    <b>How About The Ultimate Performance Upgrade ???

    1) A 13B 3-Rotor Turbo.
    2) 6-Speed Gearbox.

    Est Power -- 650Hp

    Nuff Said.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Jeesus, you after a death wish there!

    The 6 speed is now standard.
    I have seen a pair of 13B turbo transplants now with no mods other than a Microtech computer, exhaust and intercooler. Here's a brief description of a test drive....
    1. Pick any gear
    2. Slowly release clutch
    3. Hang on tight & get used to the smell of burning rubber!
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    Anyone here seen the one tuned in Oz with the 4.0 ltr lexus engine with a supercharger? good for 325 kw in an 1100 odd kilo car. Only 50 large US.
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    I don't beleive it was supercharged. Origonally it wasn't, but that could of changed. Total chassis modification forward of the A-pillar.
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    I don't care what anyone says, THIS CAR IS SWEET!!!!. someone mentioned a lexus V8 supercharged miata, HOLY SH!T!!! that would be suicide!!!!, I saw one with a 5.0 ford engine once, it was a full custom job, obviously.

    I don't really wish i had a Koenig CC, or a Lambo, or a McLaren or a Veyron 16/4, or any of those, i know i couldn't maintain it. a porsche, however, would be nice.
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    Drifter13BTurbo: The three rotor is the 20B not a 13B. 13B is 1.3 liters the 20B is 2.0 liters... get it? Guess what a 12A's literage is? Ha ha J/K.

    I love your and Mr. Rotary's S/Ns. Rotary's rule!!!!!
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    This car looks pretty hott, and I like how they gave it 200hp. It should fly b/c its so light. its something good to supe up too

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