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  1. anti kerry pics

    As promised here you go with anti kerry leftist pinko commie shithead

    I tried to enclose pics three times by editing but it doesn't work, I will try again later.
  2. anti kerry pics

    try "add images" feature, thanks man
  3. anti kerry pics

    a democrap will always be a democrap
  4. anti kerry pics

    My fav quotes"Voting kerry is a vote for terrorism", "If Osama could vote, he would vote Kerry" both are from skee, "you are with us or you are against us", "in politics, there is no in between" and mine"I prefer the greedy warmonger and the true determined president to the #$%#ing coward who lied and betrayed his comarades in vietnam who is also a #$%#ing flip flopper"
  5. anti kerry pics

    some other anti kerry ads
  6. anti kerry pics

    more anti kerry ads again
  7. anti kerry pics

  8. anti kerry pics

  9. anti kerry pics

    the last two ads of anti kerryism
  10. anti kerry pics

  11. anti kerry pics

    this is gold, where is the monica saying something about bad taste in her mouth
  12. anti kerry pics

    here you go + a bonus
  13. anti kerry pics

    thats awesome, thanks man
  14. anti kerry pics

    A word of conclusion, gwb won and kerry lost. My ads described exactly who was Kerry and 51% of the US can't be wrong. Electors has given their vote and none can't contest the vote.


  15. anti kerry pics

    regards to you too.
  16. Where's Panda?

    Panda is me.
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  18. id tap that

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