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Discussion in '1988 Jaguar XJ220 Prototype' started by ghost of freedom, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. if only i was rich<!-- Signature -->
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    lol<!-- Signature -->
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    1988 and so beautifull....omg...<!-- Signature -->
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    Its pretty innovative styling for 88'. When this car first came out to the public, I was 5 years old!<!-- Signature -->
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    Well we never could get one plus their are better cars out their.Like a viper and its much much much much much much much much much more affordable. Just look at it i think this is way better than that XJ220.
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    yeah, if i could afford it, and everything else that goes with it, i would buy it, i waould also buy the batmobile, both car absolutely dominate
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    I was born when this car came out and bloody hell, it still looks amazing. (I am currently 15)
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    yea right it needs a 6 SPEED!!!! but for Jag its good(thats not sayin much tho)
  9. This car.. IS the drool on my pillow in the morning.. the screams of my orgazims! it is the...mmmmmmmmmmmmm...............yummy...
  10. This car is beautiful for '88.

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