hot coupe - yellow 850CSi

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by f11111, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. the CSI 8-series is a very special car.
  2. The 850s are one of my favorite cars.
  3. I'd hit it, but I'd repaint it first.
  4. 8 series are my favorite BMWs ever. no question.
  5. give me 35k
  6. Awsome, but the wheels need to go
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    im pretty sure on vehicle regestration papers, the 850CSI is shown as a M8.. of course, i know this not to be entirely accurate, but its the closest thing to an M8 that would come to the 1500 original owners as it was tuned by M.. interesting fact that youd already know if youre a nut job like myself or youve had the pleasure of checking out or a is that all euro spec 850CSi's have Active Rear-Axle Kinematics or AHK as BMW would call it. what is this feature? performance oriented four wheel steering. it was an option on all 850s but standard on the CSi and non existant on any american bound 8 and very rare umungst non-CSi 8s in europe.

    i wonder though if its real. he says its a 850 Ci with CSi package and that it was made to resemble the CSi with "Dinon" chip (chuckled a bit at that).
  8. wow that is TIGHT!
  9. Nice. The 8-series is so awesome!
  10. Love that car, only a repaint would be nice.
  11. I've always loved the 8-series
  12. I remember Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan bringing Jordan's grey 850Ci into service one morning when I was working at MotorWerks. I tried to get him to look at the CSi we had just gotten, but he said his was fast enough for now. Loved that car even though it weighed a ton, er 2.
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    it is tuned by M, in germany its got the little M badge...havent you seen those 540 cars with the M badge? and the 325 M-Technic?
  14. Thats over priced... and its not even an original CSi
  15. what are some numbers on it?
  16. yeah, but those are different. you can get M parts from a factory M package, but are not 100% M cars.
  17. I think Red would be nicer though...
  18. Very nice. i'd buy one in a heartbeat.
  19. very nice car

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