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    it is nice.<!-- Signature -->
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    mustangs suck ass
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    I agree with Vetteman69. Vette's are better. We can compare your beloved 2001 mustang to a 2000 Lingenfelter Vette. The Vette clearly beats the mustang. The Vette was even produced a year earlier and you would think that the mustang would be better? Ford may have produced the first cars, but Chevy produces better cars. GM has always been better than ford.
  4. WOAH!FA FA FA FA FAST!!!!AWESOME!!ANYONE NO HOW FAST IT GOES???This is my dream mustang.God its nice.
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    It is a sweet car, but the body kit is almost a straight rip off of the 2000 Cobra R. That said, Steeda cars have a stereo and power everything...the ONE thing the R lacks. Steeda can and has done better.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Evorocks37</i>
    <b>All mustang can crash.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Did you have to put a lot of thought into that statement? Show me a car that can not crash?

    I have seen 3 Steeda GTs in the past month!<IMG SRC=""> I love them.
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    I hate mustangs Vettes rule!!<!-- Signature -->
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    Wow that one took some thought......for the price you can't beat Mustangs that's why mine is soooooooo sweet
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    i agree this is one amazing car. whats the price on a new one of these cars
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    yea its nice, I like roush's body kit better but its cool.
    If you added the cobra r wing and smoked headlights it would
    be very close to the cobra r.
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    HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! 13 flat quarter? what the hell is that? that is the most retarded thing i have ever seen. 380 rear wheel horsepower and 13 FLAT?!?! FORD sucks again! i'm just going to go back to the 2001 vette z06, which i'm sure is in this cars price range, if not less, which runs a 12.6 and gets WAY better gas mileage. what can you do, the vette is still better. when will you people learn.<!-- Signature -->
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    I agree with everything said in this thread! This is a great Mustang! and the Mustang is designed to compete with the Camaro, not the Corvette. So even compairing an aftermarket Mustang to a Corvette, is a little unfair. I love the Z06 as well! Best sports car for the money! Ford needs to make a car to battle the Corvette. Weather it's an entirely new car or a better Mustang. As a Ford fan, I must say... give the Mustang back it's balls!! Make a car like this from the factory!!
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    big william dude your an idiot. the price of a steeda mustang is about 10,000 less then a z06 with that amount of money you could mod it and make it spank the z06<!-- Signature -->
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    money can't come in play here...
    mustangs stand against camaro's and corvettes
    where camaro can't reach a mustang there's a corvette over it!
    mustang's are just a piece of american crap
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    hey noamericans, where do they grow dumbasses like you?
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    i like it, it resembles th e Cobra R, looks sweet!!!!
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    lets see z06 lover ur car well its a two seater is a tad lighter in fact a lot lighter and runs anywhere from 45k-52k, u can get a steeda q mustang for 37k here from the ford dealer and 34k if u get a gt and take it to get it done and made into the steeda car

    so take that 8k+ and put it into a better tranny clutch and more work on the engine and u got a 5 seater car beatin up on a 2 seater which was designed to go freakin fast while the mustang was designed to go to ur friends house in style

    so even trying to compare a z06 to a mustang is like comparing a camaro to a lambo it just doesnt happen and makes u look even dumber than u really are

    now as for ford competing against the vette, they really could care less about making a equivalent car after all if they did another one of chevy's pride and joy would be discontinued like wat happened to the camaro/firebird

    in fact for cares so little becuz the camaro/firebird/vette sales didnt even reach the total mustang sales of the same year (350000+ for the mustang and 325000 for the camaro/firebird/vette)

    so ford doesnt really care about the vette, they dont want to be too mean and put them out of buisness do they

    anyhow once camaro is gone after this year ford is alreay planning to make a mustang from the factory to rival with it under a new mustang name like boss or some other sh t and well will be more expensive than a cobra but also beat the vette

    But anyhow enough with dogging on chevy and thier dumb as*es, this car is sweet powerful fully loaded and damn right sexy to look at and i bet nutting to drive for jap cars go burn some more rice its cleaner for the air u know and saves us gas for our REAL CARS, so sit down and drink some egg drop soup and let the real boys create some real toys for us ok

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    Yeah... for the last model year of the current Mustang in 03', SVT will be rolling out a 400hp+ Mustang called the Terminator. And then.... in comes the 5.0L. Can't wait.
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    I even heard that the Mustang was the 8th best selling car in America and its not the one being cancelled! And comparing a Mustang to a Corvette is cheep not every one in America can own any car they want. Mustang is by far the best car in its class. Hence the sales above.
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    I dont know about you guys i would take this car over any corvette being offered to me. But, i would rather have a 1994 ford svt 10.0L BOSS Mustang(855 Horsepower) I think its just me but, this car would kick the living shit out of a corvette.

    0-60:1.9 seconds
    0-100:5.5 seconds
    1/4 mile:10.05 seconds

    Now lets see who would win the BOSS or the corvette????
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    Someone please tell me what the difference between all of these Steeda, Sallen and Shellby Mustangs are!?!!?!!<!-- Signature -->
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    it looks like a Cobra R, only better
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    Why do all you #%$s out there r concerned about gas millege?!!?!!?!
    ON the other hand, i dont like superchargers, only racing turbos
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    hey cam1 here is the difference

    Saleen certified performance tuner, certified by the government and in fact the only perfomance tuner to be reconized by the federal government, no else has that recognition,

    and saleen gets a mustang and soups them up to mass production standards as well as performance standards, company created by steve saleen

    and as for roush, he is a guy who has raced cars all his life and still races them today in the scca and other things, in fact if im not mistaken roush does all the taurus in nascar, and well he also takes mustangs and soups them up, not recognized by the federal government but he is working on that though, and well he has a little different style and parts than the saleen

    as for steeda, its main job in racing was suspension, they made a killing on suspensions for racing cars, they also are in the racing buisness alot and very well respected, and well they tune cars also with different goals in mind as well

    All in all its three people or companies if u will, souping up the mustang and being certified by ford to be sold by ford as a new car, with the exception of saleen with it being recognized by the federal government as well, and not just by ford.

    all cars are ford o.e.m. when bought through the dealer, and well all have experience in racing and all are out to achive a different set of goals for the mustang performance aspect

    its like nismo mugen trd, blah blah blah, all those jap companies souping up jap cars, all power in mind with different goals to achive

    so there u have it CAM1 hope it straightend out some questions for u about the three<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 94stang5L</i>
    <b>Wow that one took some thought......for the price you can't beat Mustangs that's why mine is soooooooo sweet</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Sure you can, its called an LS1. <!-- Signature -->

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