Discussion in '2001 Ford Steeda Mustang GT' started by imprezawrx14, Aug 9, 2002.

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    This car is even nice in person. Seen one at a mustang show.
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    Yeah, the Steeda does have a sound system, but the Cobra R is faster, and who says you can't just buy a custom system and install it?
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    McLarens do rule the streets, Vettes are chill, but Mustangs are sweet to, don't be Hatin'!
  4. Ok if u put the money in a cobra that u would in a vette u can get a lot more power out of the stang. I dont understand why ppl like u dont see that. And the mustang is made to compete with the camaro not the vette. So if u say the maro cant reach it then its done its job by being victorious. And where the stang cant reach the vette there a ford gt over it!!!!
  5. Skylines get shit gas mileage too jackass.

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