HOT ROD: USA vs. Japan - V8 vs. H4 - STi vs. SVT

Discussion in '2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra' started by Scentless Apprentice, Dec 24, 2003.

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    yeah... i don't think we were supposed to be arguing over fastest street legal cars. Because even if you were driving this 350zx in question ON the road, as long as you stick to the speed limit, i don't think an officer would pull you over for driving a automobile that isn't street legal. How would they know whats street legal or not anyway? as long as it is in street "safe" condition and doesn't look so ridiculously obvious in its extreme modifications.

    Super's argument was about stock body work, original engine block and chassis... not street legal.

    "Landspeed recored are made with the stock body work with the exception of front and rear splitters. They also have to use the same engine block and chassies."
  2. The cars *ARE* equal. STI is just easier to drive because of AWD, easier to maintain traction. I drove both...Cobra throws you in the back of the car, gears are a little tougher, but all over the road when i put the pedal on the floor. The STI has smooth gears and easy to control, but doesnt have that torque. Personally, i think bragging about how fast the STI is, is kinda a cheap shot. AWD gives any seriously underpowered car a very large advantage in any race. The STI is fast for *ONE* reason, its AWD system. Take that out, it is trash.
  3. You guys really need to watch yourselves thinking an 03 Cobra will run with a Corvette Z06. My father has an 02 C5 Corvette, and my younger brother has an 03 Cobra. All three of us have raced each other with the cars and the C5 is yet to lose. Both are stock by the way. There are a lot of things that need to be done to make one of these run with a Z06.
  4. Well, with its weight, differentials, and gearing, with 300hp, and 300lbft, if it were to have either RWD or FWD, the STi would still probably be able to win in a race short of straightline.

    Remember with 90hp difference you're talking about the difference of power equivalent to the power that 80's Civic Cx has, with half the weight equalling the weight difference, for that level of performance, there's not much of a difference, not much difference at all.

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