How can the US......

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ferrari Addict, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. ......prosecute terrorists in Gitmo when the "terrorists" they captured didn't commit any crimes (or attempted to) on US soil?

    Had these suspects been found in the US plotting to attack us, then the White House would have a case for prosecuting them, since they were on US soil attempting to commit a crime.

    But the thing is...these people were captured in foreign countries, where the US has absolutely no jurisdiction. So essentially the US has committed numerous acts of kidnapping by arresting these people and taking them to Gitmo.

    They weren't on US soil, so how could they be arrested legally?
  2. You are arab / communist.
  3. Because they were arrested while fighting the US you goof, thus they're POWs (though this causes problems since fighting terrorists isn't a traditional type of war)
  4. AFAIK they're not called POW's, but Enemy Prisoners of War, in order to avoid the Geneve Conventions.
  5. No need for insults.

    The POW statement makes sense, although some reportedly didn't even fight the US, but were captured for unknown reason.

    Whatever the case, it's still wrong. They still deserve basic rights. Plus, wouldn't you want rights if you were one of these guys? It's just not the Christian thing to keep them locked up like animals...treat them like people.
  6. Oh well, apparently the decission of closing Guantanamo could be closer than expected. I think they may close it as fast as they find another place in which they can do the same.
  7. What I want is not to have to scroll down 12 pages to get to the bottom of yours posts. THATS human rights.

    Anyway I agree its a bad situation and something needs to be done about it. You can't hold people indefinitly.
  8. These arn't people, if I was running shit they'd all be dead.
  9. don't mess with texas
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  11. mine?
  12. Thread creator. Yours is perfect.
  13. Because they talk to the same invisible man in the sky as the terrorists and they're a darker shade of tan than most caucasians.
  14. You are correct, it seems that the Geneva Convention gets in the way of the freedom, democracy and respect for the human rights that the US are trying to spread
  15. What does "AFAIK" mean?
  16. "as far as I know"
  18. as far as i know it means another #$%#in alternator in kazakhstan
  19. IIRC
  20. What does that mean?
  21. If I Remember Correctly AFAIK
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  24. i would doubt all of them were captured in combat against the US, and even so you cant just imprisonate someone indefinitely if they are in combat with the US in a war situation.

    and why the hell hold them in another #$%#ing country? the US should on this occasion take the piss and hold them in their own country (since they are their prisoners) and not dump them in a bay in someone elses. Its so #$%#ing corrupt its crazy, it is no less corrupt than what goes on in the likes of China.
  25. "force to murrder"

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