How Can You Break This?

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by 84FordMan, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. Then glue it back together?

    "sure, unless you have pics of your car, with all the mods listed than you are simply lying. people on this site know this because we actually know about cars" - FasterThenThou
  2. I'm not sure I'd want to glue it back together, at least not if it was going onto my car.
  3. thats a sweet blowoff valve!!!!1
  4. diverter valves are cooler.
  5. OMG you should check out the pipes under my sink. They're sooooooo sweet.
  6. I believe the answer is you must be an idiot.
  7. That is what says too..
  8. wow people that stupid exist?
  9. Now FordMan, what did I PM you?
  10. Dude you are one to talk, you’re just as stupid as Superlativeone is.

    Like when you claimed to have beaten a Mustang Cobra and went on to state that it had aftermarket connecting rods even though nobody makes such a thing and there is no way hell you could have known what kind of connecting rod he had.

    Or like when you claimed to have beaten a Firebird pushing 9psi and a nitrous kit in your twin turbo lag that you’ve claimed barely runs a 14.

    You're kill threads were so retarded but we all had a good laugh at your dumbass.

    What is it about the 300ZX that makes its owners stupid as hell?
  11. I have ignored him, like he has ignored this thread.
  12. I have never claimed to racing a Cobra with "aftermarket connecting rods". I've race one Cobra in my entire life, and that was stock.

    That Firebird I raced at the time was having fuel issues. He raced at the track las season and ran a 14.4.

    I have raced at the same track and ran a 13.3 with a VERY SHITTY 2.2 60'. I have pulled a 1.9 60' in LasVegas but had less done to my car and ran a 13.6.

    I like that you're making stuff up about me now.
  13. Bullshit. You stated the Cobra had aftermarket connecting rods. And when we all asked how the hell you'd have known that you went into some bullshit about the driver telling you.

    Your storys are bullshit and everyone knows it. Run back off to where people are as f**king retarded as you are and can't see through your bullshit.
  14. I raced a Mustang with what the driver said is supercharged. As far as I know he has one of those $10 "superchargers".

    I have NOT clamed to race a Cobra with aftermarket connecting rods. Who the #$%# brags to have upgraded connecting rods?
  15. I can't believe you dick heads have nothing better to do than argue over useless shit.
  16. Well! HE STARTED IT!
  17. Sorry, I didn't know <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  18. Maybe the DV was "glued" back together with JB Weld.... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  19. dont you know, that part wasnt from the famous aftermarket brand OEM, THATS WHY.
  20. Only Nissan owners use OEM.
  21. Shit son, you're in here too.
  22. But every post I see from them is arguing with each other over the same shit. I want to kick them.
  23. its the brand preferred and recommended by nissan dealerships worldwide.

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