How can you HONESTLY like this car ???

Discussion in '2002 Honda Civic Type-R' started by Nihilist, Aug 9, 2002.

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    How the hell is it possible for anyone to like this car ? It's a little old lady's shopping car for her senior years during retirement. Not only are hondas GAY, but SO ARE HATCHBACKS !!!
    This car is ugly as SHIT, it's slow, it has a tiny motor WITHOUT a turbo and that's pretty pathetic really...
    I have but one thing to say to you all who like this pile of SHIT:


    See below link for more information:

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  2. Re: How can you HONESTLY like this car ???

    You got that shit right this car is a pile of monkey shit. Even If your a ricer why the #$%# would you want one of these unless your momy and daddy cant pay insurance for a real #$%#ing car ... For that Im sorry..

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