How can you not love this truck?!

Discussion in '1963 Shelby Competition Cobra 289 Le Mans Hardtop' started by MarkVIII, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I don't know about the whole air-suspension thing (it might not stand the test of time and heavy load endurance), but the idea of mounting a hydraulic pump to the driveline is a beautiful idea. Can't wait till something akin to this system makes it way to the Macks and Internationals.

    And the engine.....almost 1 hp/cubic inch, and it's a DIESEL!!! I mean, I remember when a 363 CID gasoline engine would be LUCKY to make that much power, and forget about having any torque! This engine is beautiful! 4 valves per cylinder, it's probably a quad-turbo, I see at least 2 on it.

    I've also heard that Navistar is working on a heavy-load air spring system, so maybe they've got it right. After all, my car (see UserName) has air suspension, and I haven't had a single problem. I tow around my jet-ski, a few motorcycles, and the occasional car; and my suspension wasn't designed to have to do all that. I guess if they designed an air system that was made to take more abuse, it might work.

    By the way, Ford, not many rednecks will find use for the laptop.
  2. Re: How can you not love this truck?!

    i dont think rednecks would be the targeted buyer for this truck if it went in production<!-- Signature -->

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