how close to the end is this site

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by c7015, Dec 1, 2014.

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  2. Only people who are members of Chupa know for sure
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    paging numbers or veyronman
  4. for real, go sign up

    it will be a fully functioning misc

  5. a lot of the latter
  6. All I have to say is that it was a pleasure to chat with most of you. There were some good threads and dTunk skype calls at 3 am.

    Goodbye Hemistage ;__;
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  8. Spambots?
  9. I come here from time and time even if the level has gone downhill
  10. Same.

    I lurk and never post but I still visit.
  11. ZOMG!!!! The new one forum is so awesome. It's totally gonna revive a dead 90% decomposed carcasse that is SCnet. I miss the hay day. But this site is dead. Nobody has the time to get into anti-burner flame wars anymore. That's all that kept the site alive for the longest time
  12. Speak for yourself, asshole.
  13. I love you too princess.
  15. goddamnit. all these lurkers need to post again.
  16. They have just enough time to lurk, not post, between diaper changes.
  17. Here's a vote for /r/scnet
  18. I just use this site to host pictures anymore, as it's the only photo hosting site that I can see from work (photobucket, flikr, imgur and the rest are all blocked here). That and a little spambot fighting moderation duties, which ahs gotten ridiculous lately on all forums (I do moderation duties on a couple others and everything is getting hit hard by spambots anymore)
  19. I think if the site died I would actually start using Redit

  20. = truth
  21. Holy

  22. self-fulfilling prophecy
  23. cars n clubs has made an appearance, what a pleasant suprise
  24. Get ready for a barrage of chauvinism.

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