How come American SUVs lose

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 944turb0, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Read the article n00b.
  2. Yeah I'll get around to it homeboy
  3. Don't call me homeboy, freak.
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    In europe, american SUVs are driven only by bodyguards as rammers in the motorcade... that´s what they are good for. The no fuel efficiency, no power, no powerful but efficient turbo diesels (in case of X5, 75% sold in europe have 3liter turbodiesel engine, which is better than all the hemis and magnums together! I drive one of them)... Just too fat for us. X5 or ML are the icons of rich people here! As a proof the cadillac escalade from the motorcade of kazakh president (ha ha), seen at
  6. Hey everyone, look, an American car exec from 1980-2000!
  7. He's on because he doesn't have a job anymore.
  8. But he mentioned them in the context of consumption and available engines. Not their placement in magazine tests.
  9. "And yet, despite of that, when they test them against each other the Japanese>the American."
  10. Yes, you and your friends are the rule, JD Power is the exception.
  11. In other words, you're ignoring his point completely and going off on an unrelated tangent.
    So long as that American is not a Durango...
  12. I'm not ignoring his point, at all, I'm saying that despite of the fuel consumption there are other factors that cause people to pick the Sequoia over the Tahoe, or the Expedition... fuel consumption isn't everything.

    "So long as that American is not a Durango..."

    He was talking about specific SUVs, so was I. The Durango was just a deviation of the original post/argument.
  13. Nobody, not even once, in this thread said fuel consumption is everything. He was making the point that those SUV's aren't just about big V8's. They too use technology designed to improve consumption. Not that everyone knows about that.

    The Durango was just a deviation of the original post/ mean how American SUV's lose to their competitors. Except in C&D comparos (which are "shit"), even though they came to the same conclusion as MT (which somehow isn't shit): they preferred the American to the Japanese.
  14. Yes. LR's rock.
  15. Guibo, time for your chillax pill...
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    Wow, I'm surprised. I havn't heard anything about modern LR being unreliable, and that coupled with my assumption that Ford fixed LR like they fixed Jaguar.

    Bummer, I wanted a Range Rover <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
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    go back to the indies
  18. The only one who drives american SUVs in "indies" is Madonna on tour, heh... this is what was her limo last week her..
  19. Because car & driver hates just about everything american.
  20. "People in the market for a truck to use for truck purposes are not going to buy a $60k SUV, end of story. They're going to spend 30k on a fullsize pickup"

    Yeah, your so right, so all those Fully loaded Superduties, Sierras etc I see everyday, which sold in 45,000+ range are not considered by those who use their trucks rough. Yet the owners are not afraid to beat up their trucks.

    That view is invalid.
  21. Your post makes little sense. No one in the market for a towing or offroading vehicle is going to buy a $60k Escalade. There really is no way around this.
  22. Hmmm...So one group is arguing that the Escalade is better offroad and towing so it should be in a different category. Sorry but no, the Escalade is a mediocre vehicle. If you're going to stick it in the towing/offroad group then it gets dominated by a whole list of vehicles that outperform it there.

    As for the nicer, more comfy SUV's that are based for more onroad activities. Whats the point? Why not just get one of the many hatchbacks from one of the luxury companies available and have the same seating, much better handling, much better fuel consumption, much faster...In fact why the hell do people still buy SUV's if they're not towing or going offroad? Luxury SUV's are an engineering sacrilage. They're a lot like the Escalade, they try to do something where theres a lot of competition that does it a lot better. Except for a few exceptions, I'd like to see them wiped off the earth.

    And 944turbo, you're still a stupid fanboy.
  23. In my opinion , I think every SUV it's good for an special segment , euro SUV are far more comfortable and secure , but they fail on towing cap. and interior space where the american suvs win by far , we should also check the opinion of the people who buys these kind of cars and what do they seek out of these cars.

    There's a good article in an automobile magazine from last year , suv buying people wants an suv to have a big room ,a strong engine, good towing capacity , fair off road capacity , great comfort , and also a reasonable gas mileage. for these people the 2 best on the market where the BMW X5 and the Jeep Grand Cherokee limited. and I agree with them both suvs are great.
  24. I know a guy that uses his Escalade to tow on a weekly basis, so that's simply not accurate.
  25. what did he tow with it?

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