How dangerous is the United States ?

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  1. tbh i don't know why the guy wants to transfer all the focum content over. Rich deleted the entire forum picture library not long ago because people uploaded all sorts of horrible stuff onto his server over the years (myslef included) so all the old threads with pictures and such are completely pointless now. Should have just started with a blank forum and transferred people's accounts over, IMO

    He said in one of his initial posts that he's not very hands-on as far as visiting the page and interacting. It would have been a great opportunity to have more of an overhaul and to have a discussion amongst us all about things going forwards etc but we're just along for the ride really.

    When I messaged him at the beginning of April he estimated another month or so until the forum was all transferred over to the new format so in a couple of weeks we could be using the new site.
  2. Or error 404

    But he may want to keep a lot of the old stuff to give the newbies something to sift through. We'll just have to be sure not to flame the newbies when they revive a three year old thread.
  3. Yeah we're going to have to set a good example. Ha.
  4. What do you expect with a Muslim socialist in the White (BLACK) House?
  5. I still want to visit America. First New York and then to see the Canyon and Redwood forests.

    Might take a while budget wise thought.
  6. America is really not very dangerous.
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  8. Depends what you compare it to.

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  10. i'm just sick of hearing that they're number one, while they're clearly more like #43 or something.
  11. #43 in what? Competitive chess players per capita?
  12. overall.

    huge debts, huge poverty, shitty healthcare system, crime and violence etc.

    ofcourse usa is good at some stuff, but just sick of all the people saying it's the greatest country on earth.
  13. If by "overall" you mean stuff like HDI or various happiness/development indexes, USA doesn't rank #1 nor I have ever seen/hear anyone claiming that.

    "Greatest country" is a subjective thing and I have heard lots of people from lots of places say that their country is the greatest ever.

    Ever met anyone from Norway/Austria/Switzerland? IMO they like to brag about their respective countries wayyy more than Amurikans.

    Why would you care if someone thinks Lichtenstein or #$%#ing Mongolia is the greatest country?
  14. You're wrong on that. We don't win anymore. But soon, we're going to win and we're going to win so much that we're going to get tired of winning
  15. This seems like a quote for some reason
  16. Perhaps from the guy who uses horse jizz to get his hair done?

    I hear he is running for president
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    Those stats are skewed though. Any time a person is killed with a gun, it's considered homicide. So if Joe kills the guy raping his wife, it's still homicide, it's just justified and he doesn't get a murder charge. Some EU places Joe would go to prison. I don't have time to research at this time. But I think it also includes justifiable homicide by police.
  18. Like Joe would have the TIME to shoot ppl he's too busy running a pizza place
  19. He lost it because he had to pay lazy workers $15 an hour and couldn't pull in enough profit to cover wages.
  20. You should counter it with a visualisation of how many homicides are actually self-defense.
  21. Also, the stats on how much homicide is gang on gang shootings.

    I live in Baltimore and even here, 85% of shootings are gang on gang and if you stay out of the gang areas (which are relatively small, BTW) you are pretty much safe everywhere you go. I've walked all over the city and never had a problem.

    I'm thinking we could make the place look a lot safer by listing all gang/drug related homicides as "occupational hazards" and treated more like a fireman losing his life in a fire. Let OSHA regulate it. lol!
  22. I suppose the gangs would consider the killing of rival gang members their business; presumably for monetary gain. control of drugs distribution etc - Subject to the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974
  23. That's how it is in Chicago. I live on a quiet street filled with yuppies but gang territory is literally two blocks away. The gangs don't have much interest in expanding and there would be a huge pushback from everyone if they even attempted it. Speaking of Baltimore, it's exactly like in The Wire when the police gave the gangs boundaries. They know they can't eliminate them so they force the gangs to follow rules. I can walk to my local bruncheteria without having to worry about being shot, even though I can actually hear the gunshots coming from the other block.
  24. Maybe I'm somewhat sheltered over here but the only gunshots I ever hear are shotguns if I go to the countryside.
  25. I've only heard it a couple times here in the netherlands, but that's just some hunters with shotguns.

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