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  1. Hell yeah man. **** the future. **** the world. Let's burn it all down and destroy the environment. Who cares about stupid things like the future of the human race?
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  2. When I need rational thought using facts, I turn to screaming children for the best discussions.
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  3. Also, I love how she's created more of a carbon footprint in her short life than I have in 38 years. #toteshypocrisy
  4. I do have some admiration for her though.

    She is a very ambitious kid, probably already foresees herself as a powerful politician many years in the future. She is using this kind of activism as a platform to gain recognition. People would be naive to believe she does this solely for the purpose of saving the planet. Or maybe I'm just cynical.

    How many of us have our lives and our careers planned out when we were teenagers? I don't know about you but I didn't get into my current career path until I was in my late 20's.
  5. All this co2 mumbo jumbo is a bunch of nonsense. It's just a way to make more money.

    The real problem is overpopulation, yet somehow nobody adresses this.
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    Population is expected to peak early next century.

    Hopefully carbon capturing technology can be implemented in large scale at an reasonable price by then.

    The only realistic solution is a gradual transition to sustainable energy, like people are buying more electric cars, more windmills are being built to generate electricity, and more solar panels are being installed on single family homes,

    While at the same time develop carbon capturing technology.

    Angrily tells people to stop driving, stop eating meat, stop using heaters in winter, stop using AC in summer, it's not going to work.

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  7. The only people who stole her dreams and childhood are her parents who are parading her around. She says nothing of substance while making a bunch of angry faces. Literally the only thing she's accomplished is creating a bigger carbon footprint with all of her travels and all of the traffic caused by her "protests". She's also caused a lot of littering. I also find it funny she isn't protesting in India or China.
    She's a privileged brat who wants others to make sacrifices that she wont.
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    Tell that to the political establishment, they will probably tell you things like they are developing countries, they need to have economic growth.

    But we are the bad people, we are consume too much, we are the sole perpetrators of global climate catastrophe, we only think of ourselves, not the whole world.

    At the same time they will ignore trends like middle class people in our country are buying electric cars and installing solar panels in record numbers. All they can remember is a lot of middle class people voted for a very bad president.
  9. Isn't this what a lot of politicians are doing these days? We have seen our fair share of self serving hypocrites. You can't blame me for being cynical.

    She is paving the way for her own ascension in the global political establishment by putting on these kind of acts.
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  10. I find it pathetic when people hide behind children. Get an adult to spread your propaganda.
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  12. That's a bit like saying that all this evolution mumbo jumbo is a bunch of nonsense.

    Overpopulation is a problem that extends far beyond the greenhouse gases emitted by current and projected future generations. This does not negate the fact that greenhouse gases are becoming a *****.

    Solving overpopulation does alleviate that other problem, please do feel free to educate all the women of Africa and the Indian subcontinent, and to distribute free contraceptives around.
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  13. I can't say *****

    not ****

    not even Arschfick********neger***********kackjuden****fotze
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  14. When does this Stalinist censorship end
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  15. supercars aren't even for kids who are they protecting

    the only people here are 30+yo retired car enthusiasts

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