How did Chev lost to ford?

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  1. i hear chev was planning to stop the production of the camaros cuz they coculdn't compete with the sales of the mustang. luckily it didn't stop the production!

    how on earth did ford mustang outsale camaro.

    Corvette is a great car and camaro is underneath it, y choose the mustang when their a car same price that drives similar style as corvette since its same brand.

    i think american ppl just have wierd tastes, they just love ford mutang for some reason??? cmon it just the name, the car doesn't look that great. The chev camaro can beat ford mustang cars in beauty contests.

    some ppl even choose the mustang cobra over the corvette.
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    People have a right to choose what car they own
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    Chevy did stop production on the Camaro.
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    I agree I think its cause the mustang has bcome more of a trend car with a hype nehind it. I mean most people buy a mustang cause it is just well a mustang and the are "cute". I will say though that I do agree that some seriously know what they are doing cause they buy the mustang cause its aftermarket is VERY large and makes a great non-stock car to be fast. F-bodys come fast right out of the box. heheh I used to own a Mustang GT (I hated Camaros at the time lol) and I hated it because it just felt like it was too slow for a muscle car and had no real major edge. Well I finally saw the true beauty of the Camaro and got a 98 Z28 and I love it. I don't got much mods on it cause I like it stock and stuff and for dinero reasons. But ya anyways the only reason why I bought the Mustang is cause everyone else thought they were cool.<!-- Signature -->
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    Okay, if you are someone who knows nothing about cars and someone asks you what the most famous car today is you most likely would say Mustangs. The only reason why is because to many people in America know nothing about cars so they go around and waste a bunch of money on a wussy car. The camaro can beat the mustang anyday. I am sad that camaro's are going out of make and I find it hard to believe that the reason why is because Mustangs are outselling them. Everyday the I see a lot of Camaro's and Mustangs. They are both pretty cheap compared to the top cars like Vette's, Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Vipers, and etc. Rich people like to waste their money on ANYTHING that everyone else has. The Mustangs are very popular yes, but so are the Camaros. I will surely miss the great beauty and pure speed of the Camaro. The mustang is not a bad car, I just prefer the Camaro over it. <!-- Signature -->
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    go ford!
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    I think that the camaros rite now look ugly but i would still love to own one. They looked tite in the 80's. The mustangs rite now look really nice and are actually faster than the camaros. Wait till the 2004 1/2 come out for the 40th aniversary for the mustang. Gonna be really powerful. I love mustangs, camaros, vettes, vipers and will soon like the GT when fords comes out with it in 2004. Say that some people even shoose the mustang cobra over the corvette is like saying that some people choose a corvette over a viper. The vette is cheaper than the viper and almost as fast, the mustang is cheaper in the vette and is almost as fast. In some cases faster. The mustang Cobra is really nice this year and so is the Cobra R... what year was that-2000? 2001? 0-60 4.5 Thats nice for a car at around 38k. I think, not sure but i think the only currently selling stock vette at this time that can beat the Cobra is the Z06. The base and the 50th both would lose. And ofcourse the Lingenfelter would win that things beats a corvette, whats its time in 2001? 0-60 in 3.3 top at 266 with 650hp. Nice car with a good supercharger.
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    actually, the stock vette does 4.5 to 60, so it would keep up with the new stang cobra but it would be a tight race. I would rather have the vette tho and i dont think chevy lost out to ford, i think the camaro will return in our time with a big bang and slaughter that horse at last

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