How does the BMW's SMG work?

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  1. U know the Sequential Manual Gearbox, i read about and its pretty confusing. They said the SMG has 11 settings S1-S6 and A1-A5. Each one can be used for the different driving situations. And they said it has a stick shift, but no clutch. Can someone explain?
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    Well basically the clutch is controlled by an advanced hydro-electric system that will even double-clutch for you on down-shifts in certain settings.
    A1 - 5 are Automatic settings, A5 is the roughest of the Automatic settings as it has the fastest rate of gear changes.
    S1 - 6 are Manual settings, S6 is the roughest of the Manual settings because this allows the fastest shift times in manual mode.
    The stick works like the steering-wheel shifters, once it is moved into the 2nd or 3rd gear position the computer tells the box that it needs to shift; which it does.
    LEDs also illuminate the optimal shifting time in each gear.
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    Its as simple as pulling on a lever .
    It comes to you naturally after a while..even gfor older people used to an old fashioned clutch
    I own one and trsut me after while you'll just leave it in S5
    S6 is really for racing and I use it in conjuction with the sports button which dramatically increases the performance.Trust me the SMG-II equipped M3 is truly a MONSTER in performance and can be intimidating for the un-initiated driver.Jusrt activating sprots mode causes the car to accelereate--I kid you not
    Love this car all the way.I've smoked eerything from Mercedes AMG to most recently a Kwasaki motor bike
    If you're gonna get one test drive it in S6 mode in SPORTS MODE
    'Nough said PEACE !!!
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    So you've smoked a 500bhp SL55AMG and a 720bhp CLK-GTR Supersport?
    Not to mention the custom S63AMG or SL73AMG.

    BMW don't have a car available yet that can touch a SL55AMG, I fail to see how your M3 can beet all the AMG line up, even the W211 E55 AMG is out of its reach.
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    The best feature of the SMG in the M3 is the 'launch control' feature. Shift in to neutral, hold the button to shift up and put the accelerator to the fire wall, the electronic throttle control will dial up 3500 RPM, when the light changes to green let go of the up-shift button, the clutch will engage and the traction control will stop the wheels from spinning. There you are the perfect launch.
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    in short, its a manual with a computer for a clutch.
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    the manual is so much better to drive than the SMG it's not funny
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    SMG is fun, but just stick to the manual thats even more fun
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    SMG will soon take over stick-shift
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    How does it work? Poorly. Go with a manual. Trust me. SMG is caca, suitable only for women and senior citizens. I sent my SMG M3 back to the dealership after a month in exchange for a manual. It's a much better car now.

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