How does the SS differ from the normal CLK-GTR?

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  1. Was this car part of a different batch apart from the original 25 CLK-GTR's??? Or is it part of the same production? What about how the design, engine, and performance differ from the standard CLK-GTR's? If you know something, then please say it here.
  2. It was given a 7.3 litre AMG engine.
  3. looks like the CLK-GTR race car
  4. looks like the CLK-GTR race car
  5. looks like the CLK-GTR race car
  6. looks like the CLK-GTR race car
  7. looks like the CLK-GTR race car
  8. looks like the CLK-GTR race car
  9. looks like the CLK-GTR race car
  10. looks like the CLK-GTR race car
  11. looks like the CLK-GTR race car
  12. Two of the 25 CLK-GTR road cars had the engine converted from the AMG/HWA 6896cc V12 to AMG's 7291cc V12 (from the SL73) in GTR spec. They also received the front and rear bumpers from the CLK-GTR roadster, other than that I think they're pretty much standard, at least as standard as you can get in a GT1 homologation special.
  13. But does the Clk-Gtr SS quicker and faster than the regular Clk-Gtr? The Clk-Gtr did 0-60 in 3.8 and 0-100 in 5.7, and a 1/4 mile in 9.4 sec. So since the Clk-Gtr SS has 750 hp. and the Clk-Gtr has 612 hp. Wouldn't the Clk-Gtr SS be faster? I dont know sice I can't find that much info on the SS version.

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  14. yeah, it does, it has a 7.3 AMG engine, 720bhp
  15. it has an extra 120 Hp so i would believe that it would be faster, I think it has a claimed top speed of 240 but i think it wont go past 215 or 220.
  16. it's improves the top speed from 198mph too 231mph.
  17. 215MPH ak tually
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    Well here's quoted from; "H.W.A. also constructed a second variant, known as the CLK GTR Super Sport. These cars were similar to CLK GTRs, yet were powered instead by the newer Mercedes-AMG 7.3L V12 which had been in use in the Pagani Zonda and Mercedes-Benz SL73 AMG. The car also gained an additional front splitter for better stability at high speeds. Only five were built with the 7.3L engine: prototype #2, chassis #01, #03, #13, and #17."

    I hope that clears everything up, oh here's the link, .

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